Why Online SAS Training is the Way Forward in 2019…

In a recent analytics report, SAS Analytics and training program was recognized as a mandatory knowledge base to assess global and key regions of market. Together with the opportunities, challenges and risks, advantages, online SAS training provides world-class resources to key players in the market, including IBM, Google, Facebook, SAP, Oracle, Tableau Software and Microsoft.


As we dig deeper in to the world of Analytics and Deep Science, here are five fabulous reasons to get that coveted Online SAS Training in 2019.

2019 Would Be the Start of Analytics Experience (AX) Era

Nearly seventy percent of business leaders would agree that 2019 would see a prolific rate of investment into Analytics Experiences platforms. Online SAS training reinforces the power of analytics in business projects for tactical and statistical decision-making.

As the world moves fast into a data-driven realm, getting Online SAS Training would help professionals put engines to the formal revenue business in 2019.

Organizations Don’t Understand Data That Well!

Yes, that’s true. There is a severe dearth of understanding about what data is, and what data can do to the business outcomes. More often than not, data-centric companies fail to fully leverage the power of data. Online SAS Training is a necessary precursor to drive such data-centric business operations where extracting insights and analyzing data are vital.

For companies that work with data but don’t understand data that well, Online SAS training could solve a large quantum of complex issues.

The Real Player is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Online SAS training takes professionals a step closer to a full-fledged career into AI and Machine learning. The fundamental difference between the businesses of 2018 and 2019 would be how well these businesses gel with AI. And, a large part of that sync would be set out by data and analytics.

While AI is hype in 2018; it would be a large performance matrix in 2019. Online SAS training programs highlight this difference of ideas for data projects.

Automation and Analytics to Drive a Better Future

More than 90% of the business operations, including high-level decision-making, would be outsourced to machines and virtual assistants. Since outsourcing is a clichéd and redundant word for a world of SAS, we rather stick to automation. Online SAS training jobs would be the foundation of non-automated world. Data scientists, analysts and machine learning storytellers would be the drivers of this future-directed automation world.

A for Augmented, B for Black, C for Computing, D for Data

The A-B-C-D of 2019 would largely revolve around augmented, computing-based dark (black) data that would need quick mitigation from Online SAS training professionals. The dark data holds more value than any unstructured/structured data could deliver.

Computing with machine learning programs, Python and Hadoop could further refine all automation and AI Projects in 2019, enabling businesses to adopt these technologies quickly and effectively.

However, without an organized effort to work with data, Online SAS training could be rendered useless for readying data for better analysis.

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