Which one is better for your kitchen worktop? Quartz or Granite?

Granite or quartz? It is probably the biggest confusion to decide. Both the materials are absolutely lucrative to add to your kitchen design. There are certain factors that will decide your choice. Only a proper plan will decide which one is better, quartz or granite?

The stone-made worktops are the ideal ones to adore your kitchen makeover plan. Every household, opting for a kitchen makeover or planning a new one, always succumbs to confusion over what material to use to build a perfect countertop. The question of quartz or granite can be easily solved only when you have an elaborate idea about both the materials.

Granite: The common choice

This is the most popular choice for a material to build a robust countertop for your kitchen. It comes in different tinges such as white, grey and black. Imagine the chaste d├ęcor of your kitchen when you use black granite along with white wall paint. Here is what you should know about the characteristics of the material. White granite is one of the most popular ones to avail.


  • extremely durable

  • no depreciation in value

  • very easy to maintain and clean

  • comes in various textures and shades


  • very heavy, cabinets need to be extra strong

  • slightly porous in nature

  • repairing is not an option

Quartz: the emerging trend

This material is also known as engineered stone as the slabs are made up of 93% Quartz and 7% of the binder by mass. Resin binder is used to make the material look exclusively beautiful and stay strong.


  • can withstand sharp surfaces

  • does not chip or dent easily

  • low maintenance

  • comes in a variety of textures


  • cannot handle excessive heat

  • expensive in comparison to granite

Comparison regarding various parameters

  • Appearance

Granite offers a grainy natural look whereas Quartz is a bit contemporary. If you choose grey granite, no two slabs will be similar (as it is an igneous rock). You will definitely get a unique look. On the contrary, if you choose grey quartz, it will come in a similar shade as it is engineered. Quartz can be customized. The leading customized products are Calacatta quartz, Carrara quartz, etc.

  • Price

Quartz is a little costlier than granite. Moreover, quartz worktop installation also needs a professional service that might charge a little higher than usual. Granite installation is easier and can be done within a limited budget.

  • Environment-friendly

Quartz is a friendlier option as it is engineered and can be easily customized as per your need. Good quality granite comes from exotic countries. Only a professional supplier can provide the authentic material.

  • Maintenance

If you opt for white granite, you will need more maintenance as the surface of the stone is porous. white quartz, on the other hand, is non-porous. It means that granite will need frequent sealing whereas quartz will not require regular maintenance.

  • Durability

Granite is more resistant to extreme heat rather than engineered quartz. Both the material is good for household kitchens in this aspect.


If you want a traditional stony texture then granite is the ultimate choice. For a contemporary and engineered look, go for quartz. The present trend is witnessing a huge demand for quartz countertop. Find a new look for your kitchen with these durable and beautiful materials.

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