Where to download a Finance Excel Template

Are you looking for a platform to acquire a finance excel template to use as a base for your financial plan? If you are, then you can check out eFinancialModels, a platform that offers industry specific financial model templates made my experienced financial modeling experts. Aside from templates, they also offer financial modeling services to help you create a fully customized financial model according to your needs.

The following is the usual aspects which they go through in financial modeling:

  • Purpose of the Model – the model should be built accordingly to its intended purpose
  • Model Formatting – to format the model into a more readable report especially for beginners
  • Model Structure – to decide which model structure: Direct cash flow model or a Three statement model, is suitable for the business in a specific industry
  • Model Checks – to ensure that the model is consistent and balanced, the feature in excel, automatic checker is added
  • Things to Avoid – certain points that needs to be avoided to help users mostly e.g. circular references, macros, links to external files, linking back and forth all through the spreadsheets
  • Operating Model, Fixed Asset and Debt Schedule – mostly used for three statement model structure, a key part of the whole financial modeling process
  • Financial Statements and Financial Ratios – a key component of a financial model
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation – creating a DCF valuation
  • Discount rate, Key Financial Metrics, Scenario Analysis – important factors needed to complete the financial model
  • Executive Summary – an overall view of the financial model in excel which summarizes the key figures of the whole model
  • Sensitivity Analysis – this is more of a checker as you build sensitivity tables to check each parameter used in the model, flows correctly through the entire model

Building a financial model might sound too troublesome and scary, but you don’t have to worry. With the finance excel template as your guide on where to start, the whole process will become easier for you.

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