What Makes The Best Android Led TV So Special?

TCL Corporation offers some of the best android led tv in sizes including 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches as part of multiple series. These smart TVs are powered by Android TV and combine the best of highest-picture quality, smart features, and latest online content through hundreds of apps including YouTube, Netflix, Google Movie, Google Play Games, and much more.

Explore the key features that make these smart TVs from TCL so special.

Android TV Certified

These smart televisions are Android TV Certified by Google. This means that the OS is specifically optimized for big-screen TV viewing experience. The search engine provides full access to its official Google Service only through its certified TV models. This means full access to the Play Store, Movie, Game, and TV, including TV edition of Apps such as YouTube and Netflix.

Enjoy access to endless apps covering all categories including sports, movies, music, shows, and more. All the apps are official TV versions specifically customized for TV-viewing involving UHD and FHD experience. Besides, the apps are optimized for TV-friendly control.

Whether you are a movie aficionado or a gamer, the Android TV provides you access to unlimited content. Play your favorite Android games on your television or watch all TV shows and movies on Netflix. Access the TV edition of Netflix and watch award-winning original series, documentaries, movies, and much more.

Voice-based Search

When you buy android tv, you will get access to the voice-search feature. It is similar to using the AI-based voice assistant on Google’s mobile devices. All you will have to do is press a button and search for apps, videos, and other content. There is no more need to navigate through complex steps or type words. You can instantly find the content you are looking for.


TCL’s HDR Pro technology means advanced level of clarity and picture detail. Its Android series of televisions feature the latest 4K resolution based on its own HDR solution. This technology optimizes its software and hardware to achieve the best-possible HDR standard. The result is perfect High-Definition Resolution picture quality with unmatched immersive experience.

Enjoy the Power of Chrome Cast

These Android televisions feature ChromeCast that allows you to view games and videos from your smartphone or tablet to your big-screen TV. Enjoy all the content on your mobile device in all its glory on a 4K screen. Cast movies from your smartphone to the big screen and enjoy with your family. Cast mobile games onto the big screen and play with your friends. There is no need to deal with complex connections. All you will have to do is press the ‘cast’ button.

Wide Color Gamut (WCG) Technology

There are many more features and technologies that make TCL’s android based smart tv the perfect addition to any home. The Wide Color Gamut technology helps you enjoy the best-possible LED backlight picture viewing. The benefits include:

  • Enhanced display performance
  • Vivid and real colors
  • Richer layers

Besides these, the Android TVs come with powerful hardware, advanced speaker, and much more. These smart televisions are powered by quad-core CPU, dual-core GPU, DDR3 RAM, and tons of storage space to ensure flawless processing and picture-viewing experience.

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