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SKWELEDMESH india best welded wire mesh company . we also provide reinforcing mesh,steel reinforcement mesh,concrete reinforcing mesh

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Welded wire mesh is welded by high quality low carbon steel wire, by automation exact spot welding process after the formation of machinery and equipment, then, using dip zinc surface treatment process to deal. Once welded wire mesh is finished, it’s net surface is smooth and tidy, solid structure uniform, the overall performance is good, even if the local cut-off or pressure will not lose.

It is a product which has strongest anti-corrosion ability among iron welded wire mesh and it is the most versatile type of network used in iron mesh. High-quality corrosion resistance making it widely used in the farming. Besides, it’s smooth and tidy net surface, an increase of perception, can play a decorative role, this feature also makes it somewhat in the performance of the mining industry.

Due to adopt low-carbon materials for high-quality raw materials to make it alone iron screen with generally do not have a flexibility to determine its course in the use of plasticity, which can be used in metal processing technology aspects of the deep, complex wall plaster, underground leak-proof anti-cracking. So that the cost much lower than the cost of iron screen, better understand its economic benefits.

Generally, it can be divided into hot-dipped galvanized, PVC, welding galvanized and stainless steel.

For example it’s weaving and characteristics: wire coated after welding, has strong corrosion resistance to oxidation, color, bright, beautiful, corrosion preventive, non-fading, anti-ultraviolet radiation.

It usually used in industry, agriculture, construction, transportat

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