Viral news- Noida Turns into Shimla after Massive Hailstorms

Delhi –NCR is still in shock from what it witnessed yesterday.

After decades, something of this magnitude happened in Noida. Yesterday, hailstorms changed the entire view of Noida including several parts of Delhi- NCR. The top news today is filled with videos and pictures of Noida looking like Shimla.

viral news

Hailstorms in Noida makes the viral news

Yesterday, the rain that down poured in the Delhi-NCR region, especially in Noida was not something that the localities were used to. The massive rain and thunderstorms were accompanied by hailstorms.

The extent was so massive that in a matter of minutes, the dark black raids and streets of the city were found buried under white snowballs. There was no forecast that there will be such a hailstorm, which caught most of the people with surprise.

The areas affected by the hailstorms

According to the news, Sector 137, 138, 91, 93A and other sectors near the Noida Greater Noida expressway were among the first areas where the hailstorm occurred first. The second wave of hailstorm hit the region about an hour later.

This one was felt across the city, and included Sectors 62, 63, 35, 37, 71, 75, 76, 77, 121, 122 and 123, among others.

Many who were travelling and were on the road ta that time had to stop their cars and wait for the storm to pass. On the other hands, many people got injured who were travelling on tow-wheelers.

The reaction of the netizens

Excited netizens could not hold back their excitement and came up with a caption that has went in to become a trending news. Most of the people uploaded the pictures right after the hailstorms came to stop with the caption, ‘Noida looking like Shimla’.

Indeed, the pictures supported the caption. Most of the video and images on Twitter that are uploaded by residents of Noida seem like they are taken from a hill station.

But, in reality they are from the NCR region of Delhi.

Noida resident’s reaction

A Noida resident was quoted saying, ‘It was a pleasant to see the hailstorm slowly turn the entire road white. It appeared as if we were in Shimla. While everyone enjoyed the scene and people came out to take selfies, we hope that this unusual weather conditions is not an indication of deteriorating environmental condition’.

Of course, the traffic was affected and people were in a state of sweet shock. But clearly, this proves to be an effect of global warming.

Many people had to run and hide under bridges and underpasses to avoid any fatal injuries.

Has ice age begun?

Though people are rejoicing by the fact that there was such a beautiful transition that people witnessed in Noida, it is something serious. Most of you might dismiss it as a natural thing but it’s a straight up effect of global warming.

Additionally, Delhi NCR is not equipped with the things that are needed to deal with such natural forces. If this becomes a regular thing in the NCR region, the government will have to take some serious steps.

In Conclusion:

There have been instances when Noida has been referred to as the most polluted place to live in, however, the current hailstorm transformed it overnight. No wonder it was a historical day, especially for Noida, because you don’t get compered to Shimla every day.

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