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South Australia has inspired a lot of people with its picturesque landscapes and unique culture. This driest state has so much to offer from mouth-watering food to excellent wine!

The sandy beaches and rare wildlife has invited travel enthusiasts from all across the world to visit this beauty on earth!

Railway Adventures welcomes you to enjoy a short and sweet 8 days trip on an exclusive private charter on the famous Pichi Richi Railway from Quorn to Woolshed  flat.

Our guided tour will make you feel like the holiday should never end. Your tour leader will be Phillip Mackenzie who has a lifelong passion for rail, maritime history ships and colonial architecture.

He’ll take you on an adventure to see the Flinders Ranges, the Fleurieu Peninsula, Port Augusta, Adelaide and beyond. You will be left mesmerized by the rust-coloured landscape of Flinders Ranges and lush green hills of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The most exciting part about this tour is the company of Scott McGregor, the owner of Railway Adventures. He will share his enthusiasm for traveling by rail while keeping you thoroughly informed and entertained.

If you are a fan of road trips then you are going to have a blast in our four-wheeled drive tour of the exceptional Wilpena Pound.

The reason why a lot of people choose this tour is that you get to take pleasure in the little things. Looking at the sunset while enjoying a drink at Stokes Hill or wandering in multiple museums, wineries and peaceful country gardens.

Railway Adventures helps you make countless memories that will stay with you forever. We don’t just focus on your destination but also on the journey.

Why not have fun while traveling to and from your destination? Never done it before? Well, we highly recommend you to try it out with us! You won’t regret it. Visit our website to find out more details:

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