Top Most Kerala Food Items That You Must Try

Kerala is one of the lands which is famous for exotic spices, and you need not to be surprised with any spicy curries as well as dishes of Kerala. Kerala food is a combination of vegetarian as well as non vegetarian recipes but taste and spiciness, ensuring that it stays for a long time. With these spicy curries as well as biryanis, also there are so many varieties of desserts like halwa, payasam which prepared in different styles.

 There are also many to say that there are also provides you tasty street foods in the place where Kozhikode district called as ‘Mittayi which known as Sweet Street among hundreds of stores selling all varieties of sweets that includes the popular Kozhikode halwa with different flavours as well as textures. You can order Kerala Food Delivery at the best prices with the help of various apps provided nowadays with best deals. 

The main ingredient that added in almost every dish is coconut. Before they add in dishes they chopped, grated, and grinded to add in some dishes, they add coconut milk; which gives the best flavour to curries and also it looks more rich and wealthy dish in Kerala. Along with this, there is another special ingredient which adds in dishes are curry leaves, that put into all dishes that give a scent that touches in every dish. Tamarind, Turmeric, Fenugreek, Cumins are the ingredients combined in every Kerala dishes providing it with the punch of less spice to make curries balanced. 

Best Kerala Dishes To Taste:

Appam with Stew:

Appam is made with rice pancake, that includes rice as well as coconut. This dish is one of the most famous items in Kerala food that mostly eaten in breakfast or else at dinner. It is a traditional dish which is made up of using the toddy and that ferment specific batter, which is mostly used as yeast for various process. Still, there are several people who use this traditional style if they don’t like specific flavour of this yeast. 

Kerala Prawn Curry:

You need to taste this Kerala prawn curry which no one should miss otherwise your trip remains incomplete. It is a very easy dish to prepare very small ingredients to produce something so tasty. Well, this popular prawn curry dish will be sprinkled with salt, chilli, pepper and next dipped in coconut milk, and jaggery and later finally end with some curry leaves. This humble coconut will take this dish some were, which is very tasty. 

Kerala people are extremely passionate to prepare different varieties of food. They prefer different types of snacks for evening time with one cup of tea. Kerala is honoured with different varieties of fruits like jackfruits, Bananas, and mangoes where there will be grown extremely in Kerala; also, they utilize those for proper usage from they are growing to ripe.

Firstly, there are various varieties of bananas provided in Kerala, which are an appearance in various colours as well as sizes. The bananas from many places are quite on sale there. Few of the varieties are ethapazham, njalipoovan, cherupazham, cherupazham, mysore pazham, kadalipazham etc. From this ethapazham is one which is used for the snacks purpose that is in raw as well as ripe form. 

Palada Payasam:

It is a famous payasam in Kerala which is called as Palada Payasam. That might seem like a simplistic dessert, but it requires lots of passion as well as discipline in similar measure. That is not any dish it involves assembling various ingredients and obtaining the balance. Well, it requires three primary ingredients – rice flakes or ada, milk, sugar. 

These are some of the dishes that you need to try when you next time which are very tasty. These are available in every restaurant to eat. Several leading restaurants had business partner registration with different restaurants to get many benefits with them.

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