Top 6 Features to Consider When Purchasing a 55 Inch 4K Smart TV

A 55-inch TV set belongs to the most popular category in the TV industry. Television sets with this size occupy a considerable space when installed at home but are capable of giving viewers a cinematic experience. Such television sets are full of technology and are available at affordable prices. The prime feature in this size is 4K UHD which enables the TV set to reproduce all shades of light in stunning detail. This feature allows the TV set to upgrade the 2K content coming from various OTT platforms into 4K. The main USP is the HDR feature which produces images in dazzling details with the accurate reproduction of light and dark shades.
Let’s look at some of the top-features:

Dolby Audio
55 inch 4k smart TV have a Dolby Decoder fit in them which lets users listen to a rich and immersive surround sound. The speakers optimise the sound quality so that the viewers can watch movies/shows with powerful sound effects. This feature is also an added bonus for those who play games on their TV set as the sound effects will be breathtaking.
These sets also have a stereo surround sound speaker fit in them which delivers powerful bass and high-impact sound. The presence of such speakers makes the entertainment process better for viewers watching movies or while listening to music.

LED HD Backlight
55-inch TV sets are now being manufactured with a white LED HD backlight which helps in enhancing the on-screen colour spectrum which furthermore helps in providing dynamic contrast.

Google Voice Search
55-inch TV sets come installed with the Google Voice Search feature in them. Users can use this feature with a button present on their remote and watch the desired content. One benefit from the Google Voice Search feature is that users don’t have to go through the process of complicated navigation.

64 BIT Quad Core
A 55-inch TV set comes with a Quad Core CPU and a dual-core GPU which have 2.5GB RAM and 16GB storage. The function of 64 BIT Quad Core is to support multitasking and reduce non-responsive situations. This feature ensures that the whole system runs smoothly, thereby ensuring that the entertainment experience is seamless.

Chromecast Built-In

The Chromecast technology comes in-built in certain smart TVs and a 55 inch ultra HD TV is one of them. The Chromecast feature is voice enabled and works with multiple users simultaneously. It lets users to cast the favorite content from their mobile phone on the TV set – without disturbing the quality of the content. This particular feature also allows users to save the battery of their mobile phones without interrupting the entertainment process.

Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platforms being used by people. Nowadays, TV sets are coming with Netflix installed in them which offers a wide range of entertainment options. Users can browse through award-winning movies, documentaries and Netflix-original content as well.

Micro Dimming
A 55-inch TV set supporting micro dimming feature analyses the on-screen content and adjusts the brightness and darkness in each zone separately. This feature ensures a vivid picture quality and a greater colour contrast.

Apart from the above mentioned features, a 55-inch Smart TV has an in-built Play Store which gives users access to platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, Voot, etc. These television sets are also being manufactured with the Dolby Audio feature which ensures the production of high-quality sound. Users should definitely go for this size in a TV set if they are looking for something which not only offers them access to entertainment content but also to in-built games which are available on Google Play.

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