Top 3 Smart Things you can do with your AI TV

Picking up the remote, rummaging through buttons for the right function, trying to learn the details of a particular show manually or from your phone… All of this seems so yesterday. Artificial Intelligence has already entered the Smart TV scenario for some time now, and if you haven’t purchased one, then you’re missing out a lot. An AI-powered TCL smart TV makes everything around you so easier. It’s like a faceless assistant who works at your command. If you’re a novice to the technology.

Here’s what all you should know:

Voice Command
Ever imagined your vocal tenacity enables you to switch channels? Well, yes, it’s possible now. You can directly change/switch to any channel simply, by speaking it out to your Smart TV. You can also do multiple numbers of things just by saying stuff. Like-

  • Raise and lower the volume verbally.
  • Demand for scores of live matches or older matches even without launching an app.
  • Enquire details about a particular video you’re watching. Say, in a music video you want to know the singer’s name or the actor’s/actress’ moniker along with other details that are provided with the clip. It will display all of it.
  • Demand what you want to watch. For eg., You can say, “I want to watch Emma Stone movies” and the AI feature will enable the TV to select available options from OTT or streaming platforms like Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and the others.
  • Planning to go out during the weekend? You can ask your TV for the weather forecast (for the given days), and it will convey it to you.
  • Connect your gaming consoles with the TV, and that it’s it – like literally. You simply have to say it to turn it ‘ON’.
  • When you’re doing cardio exercises on indoor bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills, etc. you can augment your experience like sync a clip/footage that compliments your technique or speed to make you feel highly motivated.
  • Done with what you were watching and don’t wish to pursue anything further? Your Smart TV will instantly switch itself off after you’ve finished a programme or a film.
  • You can relive some of those precious memories by asking Google photos to exhibit your collection.

Smart Control over Appliances
While watching TV, you would prefer particular lights to be switched on; now instead of making trips to the switchboard, you can sit and do it with the remote. Not just that but with also other electronic appliances as well like ACs, refrigerators, fan, cooler, thermostat, etc., all of that can switch on/off and adjusted as per your convenience.

Intelligent Viewing
AI-powered TVs are backed by processing units with all the state-of-the-art features. If you’re viewing some content on your TV, your picture settings will be analyzed and displayed according to the ambiance. Also, a particular type of programme will be enhanced to make it more real.

So there you go so many benefits of using an AI-powered Smart Television. And guess what? It’s totally economic to buy one. Brands like TCL produce some of the finest Smart televisions which not only are spurred by Artificial Intelligence but also have the best features which you can find in a Smart TV in today’s time.

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