Top 10 Software for Graphic Designers in 2020

Software for Graphic Designers

Be it a graphic designers across the globe use different software to create visual masterpieces. Going into 2020, this is our list of top 10 software for graphic designers for both professionals and beginners, and they are on the list.

Top 10 Software for Graphic Designers

1. Adobe Illustrator

– State-of-the-art digital illustration tool.

– Industry-standard vector graphics software.

– Scale artworks to any size with quality – from mobile screens to outdoor billboards.

2. Adobe Photoshop

– Easy to use templates and intuitive tools.

– Professional tools that can enhance basic photos and transform total images.

– Draw, paint, design with thousands of pens, pencils, markers, and brushes.

3. Adobe Indesign

– Premiere page layout and design solution.

– Good to use for print, digital, and web media projects.

– Professional layout and typesetting tools.

4. Canva

– Can be used by beginners or professionals and individuals or teams.

– Designed for project collaboration and sharing.

– Every essential tool that is needed for basic image editing and enhancement.


– Powerful and free image editing and manipulation tool.

– Professional, high-quality colour management features.

– Wide customization and extensibility through integration with several languages.

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6. Pixlr

– Free online image editor you can access and use anytime from anywhere.

– Comprehensive set of editing tools.

– Use it to edit photos right in your Dropbox.

7. Inkscape

– Robust free design software that works on any OS and device.

– Compatible with a huge range of formats.

– All the tools and capabilities you need for vector imagery.

8. AutoDesk SketchBook

– Built for precision and speed.

– Creative simulation and sketching tools for the feel of traditional drawing.

– Scan and import line images with transparent background and fill them with colours.

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9. Corel PaintShop Pro

– Extensive toolset for drawing, sketching, painting, and image editing.

– Uses AI with picture to paint pre-set for transforming images into artworks.

– Comes with five core creative applications.

10. Gravit Designer

– Feature-rich vector graphic design application.

– Runs on any browser, device, and OS.

– Clean and intuitive UI.

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