Things You Can Do With Your Wrecked Car

A wrecked car is neither drivable nor steerable. The highly damaged cars in an accident are left alone as they need a complete overhauling that costs very high.  So people usually buy a new car instead of spending on the repair of their accidental car.

Some people try to sell the damaged car, but nobody wants to buy an accidental vehicle. However, there are many ways to sell your wrecked car in Melbourne. Let us check the various options you can try for your vehicle.

Take the insurance money

After the accident of a car, the insurance company informs the owner about the value of the vehicle. Once the insurance company knows the value of your car, it may decide whether or not to declare it a totalled car. Usually, the insurance company writes a cheque for the car, if it is not worth repair. All the insurance companies use a different formula to calculate the value of a damaged car. You can take the cheque and use the cash for any purpose.

Get the car repaired

If you think that your vehicle can be driven safely to a repair facility, it is better to get it repaired. You don’t need to file a claim to the insurance company and get it repaired on your own. This is especially beneficial where the amount of claim is too less as compared to what you need for a new car.  Now you can drive the car and use it or sell it to a used car buyer.

Disassemble and Sell

If a car is highly damaged and not drivable or needs too much money to spend on repair, it is better to disassemble and sell its parts. Call a mechanic at your home and sell the undamaged parts online or on local repair facilities. You can sell your car to a business that deals in selling the parts of used vehicles.

Sell it to a Junkyard

There are vehicle junkyards in many cities that buy the damaged cars and sell their parts to the repair facilities. They also sell the damaged metal parts to the recycling companies. Contact various junkyards to know the value you can get for your car and sell it to the one that offers maximum value. Selling your car to a junkyard is one of the quickest ways to get cash for old cars Melbourne.

Towing Companies

Various towing companies buy the damaged cars and resell them to the junkyards to make a profit. If you cannot find a junkyard or any other way to sell your car, you can sell it to a towing company. These companies are not the end users of the vehicle, or they don’t sell its parts. Instead, they sell your damaged car to the junkyards.

Repair and sell

You can also repair the car and sell it to an individual owner. This option is best if the insurance claim is enough to spend on the repairs. However, you need to consult an experienced mechanic to know what needs repair and what needs replacement. Get the repairable parts repaired and damaged parts replaced by the new.

Then advertise your car on the online classified websites. Post clear photos and write a brief description but don’t mention about the accident. When a buyer calls you, ask him to visit and test-drive the car. If he feels it right, tell him that the vehicle has undergone an accident and you have got it repaired. If he is still ready to buy, you can sell the car.

Donate the car

If you don’t want to drive or sell your car and have plans to buy a new car you can donate your vehicle. There are various donation services in many cities that can visit your place to tow your automobile for free. These companies usually disassemble the damaged cars and sell its parts, and you get a deduction in tax for the depreciated car value. Many donation services allow the car owner to choose the charity that will receive the money for your car.

Final Words

These are the several things to do with your wrecked car. You can ask your friends and relatives for other options. Selling a wrecked car is difficult, but there are multiple options, and you can choose the one that suits you the best regarding time and effort. If you don’t want to do the marketing, sell it to a junkyard or towing service in your city.

If the insurance company offers the best value, you can repair it and sell it privately to a used–car buyer. You can also drive it until you buy your new car. Choose the option that suits the best as per your time, effort and money.


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