Things to consider while planning a trip to Sri Lanka

The tourism industry in Sri Lanka has grown rapidly in the past few years. For the last centuries, Sri Lanka has been a popular place of attraction, especially for foreign travellers. The Italian explorer, Marco Polo claimed Sri Lanka as the ‘best island of its size in the world.’

Salient features to know about Sri Lanka

The beauty and the diversity of Sri Lanka have attracted a lot of travellers for centuries. The Sri Lanka Tour Package From India offers an incredibly wide selection of beautiful scenic beauties starting from the lush green hills of the central highlands to the pristine till the palm beaches of the south and east.

What are the things one must not miss during their Sri Lanka visit?
• Safaring at Yala National Park which the home to the incredible mixtures of animals and birds.
• Climbing the Bible Rock at Sunrise and enjoying your beautiful scenic beauty.
• Observing the Minneriya Elephant Gathering and enjoying the spectacular view near the reservoir.
• Watching the Stilt Fishermen Secure the Day’s Catch which is considered to be the most charismatic relic of ancient times.
• Scaling through the Sigiriya Rock which sits atop of the huge column of rocks nearly two hundred metres of height.
• Relaxing on the Paradise Beaches of the South Coast that gives a classic island atmosphere.
• Spotting the Giants of the Ocean sailing across including dolphins and sea turtles too.
• Exploring the Ruins in the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa of Sinhalese dynasties along with temples and monuments.
• Visiting the Tea Fields and Factories against the eye-catching lush green tea leaves.

Is there any need for a passport for travelling to Sri Lanka from India?
Passport is mandatory and essential for visiting Sri Lanka on Tour Package From India. India has additionally achieved full reciprocity in Visa-free or e-Visa Privilege with Sri Lanka. The Electronic Travel Authorization is an online system that helps in providing an official authorization for short visits that is valid for thirty days.

What is the best time for visiting Sri Lanka?
If one is planning to visit towards the west and south coasts of Sri Lanka along with the hill country, he must make his plans during the month of December till March. On the other hand, if the plan is for visiting the east coast, the best weather usually ranges from April or May to September.

The Sri Lanka Tour Packages from India offered to the clients has a wide combination of the top places to visit in Sri Lanka at the best rates. It offers the best services at a budgeted rate.

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