The Charming Medieval Town of Essaouira

To visit Essaouira, you should start your tour at 8 am from morocco, with a pickup from your hotel or central location. From there you will have to travel 3 hours to the city of Essaouira. Here you can explore the ancient city walls that stand even after hundreds of years, the beautiful Moulay El Hassan square, the souks (bazaars), and the old medina (listed as UNESCO heritage site). You can have lunch in the middle of your tour as plenty of restaurants are available (with lots of fresh fish).

Tour the City of Essaouira

Essaouira indeed has the look of medieval France because it was designed by a Frenchman. Once you enter the walls, you will soon realize that it has the soul of morocco. Your senses will alert you as you walk through Essaouira’s narrow winding streets. The smell of the fish, along with sea air, will make its immediate presence, so are the aromas of different spices.

It is called the “wind city of Africa”. If you want to explore this city, then don’t forget to contact Essaouira day tours as they provide the best touring of this city. The city remains authentic and humble, even though more and more travelers come here to discover its magnificence over the past few years.

Anyone who sets foot in this town should take time to visit its medina, which is filled with whitewashed houses that sets Essaouira’s Mediterranean-like appearance .then you can find your way to the local market and can shop a wide variety of local items like Berber rugs, beautiful ceramics and spices like saffron.

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