The anatomy of a perfect WordPress mobile app

The emergence of app technology has taken every sector and every industry by storm. The world of blogging and reading is not alien to these changes. In fact, the popularity of Kindle and other reading platforms are the testimony of the fact that the future belongs to app-based reading platforms.

If you own a blogging website, you can easily convert it to an app with a WordPress app builder tool like AppMySite. By doing so, you will be able to harness the potential benefits of having an app and also get an edge over your competitors.

However, before you create your own WordPress app, you must be aware of the various aspects of building it. Read further and discover the features that comprise a great blogging app.

Ten commandments of success

To woo new readers and retain the existing ones, you must have an app that stands out amidst your competitors. In order to build the best WordPress app, you must offer a complete package to readers and ensure the features that have been discussed here.

The ten must-have features for your WordPress mobile app are:

Engaging User Interface

Offer a smooth experience to your users to keep them returning back for more. Build a native app that is highly responsive and fast-loading. Get an app builder that ensures an app with a tempting user interface and has the ability to keep your users engaged. Your apps’ success can further multiply if your app builder also ensures ‘offline’ access. It will reduce dependency on internet and help people stay in touch with your app even in remote areas.

Compelling Design

Design your app smartly and creatively. The splash screen (loading screen), landing pages, logo, action buttons, reading screens and more, should all be designed well and appeal the users’ senses. The content should be easily readable and the overall theme of the app should be coherent and reflect the identity of your brand. The app description on the app store should also compel readers to download your app.

Layered Navigation

An app that facilitates easy navigation, has the ability to boost conversions. Readers are opting for apps over websites for the sake of ease and convenience. Without a systematic and layered navigation system, you cannot expect your app to get popular. Therefore, your app should be intuitive and help your readers in achieving their goals.

Real-time Sync

The app should complement your WordPress website and be in complete sync with it. Any change made on the website should reflect in the app, and vice versa. This will help in generating traffic share and make the journey easier for your existing readers who are used to your website. It will also help in retaining the features of the websites, within the app.

Creative Content

The content offered in your app should be both informative and entertaining as ‘infotainment’ is the new quest of people. Make ample use of technology and creativity to inspire users to read more, interact more and spend more time with your app. Make your content and your app lively by adding gifs, videos, surveys. You can also organize online competitions, create discussion forums and more. Let your creativity flow freely and use it to fuel the app growth.

Enhanced Communication

Personalized communication techniques can do wonders for your app and your brand. An app that facilitates interactive communication with your users, is a bliss. Integrate in-built communication tools within your app or talk through the content. Respond to the comments, reviews, suggestions and feedback with patience and address every concern individually. This will project a positive and trustworthy image of your brand and help you in the long run.

Social Media Integration

Social media has become the ultimate publicity tool for the success of any brand. The app should have social media integration feature. Connect your social media accounts to your app and allow people to share your stories on various platforms. You can use these platforms to promote your app and your content and woo people to download your app. You can also organize referral rewards campaign for the same and incentivize people to use your app.


Your app should not just be meant for reading. You can also do business and generate revenue with your WordPress app by integrating a WooCommerce plugin in it. You will be able to sell merchandize, paid subscriptions and more, from within the app. Allow people to sort, buy and pay for the products by adding all the features of an eCommerce app. It will not only help you make money, but also widen the scope of your brand.

Marketing Support

An app with inbuilt marketing support can increase your reach and build your brand recall value. It should allow you to create push notifications and schedule it for your consumers. You can send alerts to your readers about the new arrivals, offers, updates and more. This will help you in stimulating new users, retain existing users and bring back lost users too.

Analytics Support

The app should come with basic analytics feature to give you an insight into the performance. Monitor the number of your app downloads and the periodic growth pattern of your app usage statistics to know about your strengths and weaknesses. Analyze the statistics, ratings and reviews to enhance your performance and determine new marketing and business goals.

Claim your space now

As discussed above, the ten features can leverage the performance of your WordPress app and boost growth. However, to make the most of this opportunity, you must invest your resources wisely.

You can make your own Android or iOS app with AppMySite mobile app builder and get the benefit of all the features listed above. It is the best DIY app builder platform that allows you to create and test your fully-functional mobile app for free.

You can also elevate the app’s functionalities with addon tools. Once the app is built and tested, you can proceed to upgrade and publish your app and reach out to the potential tech-savvy readers in no time.

Connect with infinite number of people and maximize your revenue. Build a fully featured WordPress app and fuel your success now.

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