Teaching Courses in Mumbai: Key Skills Shaping Pre primary Education in India

Teaching is one of the most revered and popular professions in India, employing more than 5,800,000 certified teachers and lecturers in different parts of the country. In the last few years, teaching has become all the more sophisticated and technology-centric, putting immense emphasis on the training part of the teachers for pre-primary and secondary grades. As the education system looks to transform the way teaching is perceived in the society, there is a certain upheaval within the teaching community itself to go for the big push in upgrading skills.

Here are a few key skills that a pre-primary teacher should seriously get acquainted with to make the change every teaching professional dreams of in career.


Hard Skills in Childhood Development Models  

Every pre-primary teacher training course in Mumbai would invariably put intense focus on how professionals treat childhood education and their vision for kids in the pre-formative years – 4 years to 8 years old. A visible passion for childhood development and the patience to deal with tantrums are considered top hard skills to deal with kids from that age group.

In training courses in Mumbai for pre-primary teachers, these hard skills related to education and flexibility of teaching styles to help get attention from leading schools and kindergartens enrolling 50 or more students.


Managerial Skills

Pre-Primary teaching staff would spend anywhere between two to six hours every day among kids who are below six years old.  The time management skills are given utmost importance. From building a strong, flexible curriculum to managing the time in extra-curriculum activities, there is a huge scope in ensuring that all kids get a sense of how their teacher values time and passes the baton to them.

Integrated Workshops for Soft Skill Training

In pre-primary teaching framework, teachers in Mumbai have to regularly interact with other students and head of education staff to get a clear vision into the year’s curriculum. A polite, attractive personality makes it easy to get heard by the right set of decision-makers. Teaching courses in Mumbai put sustained effort to develop the soft skills and personality of the new teachers.

A good sense of humor, attire, hygiene, politeness and courteous greeting habits are covered as a special soft skill training package in the course.


English is the globally accepted language for education. Local vernacular languages are equally important. Pre primary teacher training courses in Mumbai and other cities work with teachers to polish English as a language of primary education, apart from taking training classes in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Sindhi, and Kannada.

Professionals can choose their own vernacular medium alongside English.

Technology for the Articulation of Ideas

Other areas of focus for pre-primary teachers to excel in are related to basics of Numeracy (digits and abacus), memorization, handwriting, music and art, origami, discipline, hygiene, and Moral Science.

Overall, early childhood relies on pre-primary teachers for their intellectual and emotional development.

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