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Tirupati is one of the most visited sites of pilgrimage in the world. It is also a fascinating cultural hub and surrounded by serene and pristine forested areas and natural sites. Tirupati can also be a base to visit some other exciting designations because it is well-connected in all directions. From single-day getaways to overnight stays, there are lots of options for those who love to explore. One just needs to register on a car rental app and a trip can be planned at any time. Here are some destinations that are just a few hours’ drive from Tirupati.


At just 110 kms away, Vellore can be a pleasant day trip from Tirupati. The city’s main attraction is the 16th century Vellore Fort. This structure was built during the heights of the Vijayanagara Empire, one of the greatest patrons of South Indian architecture.  It has a multi-layered history – a bastion for Nawabs and eventually the British colonizers and it is believed that the moat around the fort used to contain crocodiles. Landmarks in the Vellore Fort include the Jalagandeeswarar Temple and the St. John’s Church.


Located 190 kms away on the east coast, Mahabalipuram is famous for its monuments. The temple town is an enchanting place for those who want to lose themselves in the rich history of Southern India. Most of the UNESCO World Heritage sites here are more than a thousand years old, built during the Pallava dynasty. The biggest attractions in Mahabalipuram are the chariot-themed temples on the shoreline. The motifs carved on the stone walls and pillars represent many aspects of Hindu mythology and offer visuals of the times when these temples were made. The other types of temples one will see in Mahabalipuram are the cave temples, known for their ornate mandapas with pillared entrances and sanctums.


The union territory of Pondicherry is a 231 kms drive east of Tirupati. The main town blends its unique French influence with the quintessential Tamil culture. One will see temples with high towers and Gothic churches spread across the coastal landscape. A walk down the seaside promenade is recommended during the evenings – this pedestrian-only zone is a great place to tuck into snacks and watch the scenes of the town.

Pondicherry has many attractive beaches – Paradise Beach and Auroville Beach are two of the popular ones. The town is also known to be a foodie’s paradise. Yummy southern delicacies from dosas to spicy Chettinad meat dishes are the specialty here. A short walk around the French quarters will lead to surprising discoveries – there are many restaurants and bakeries serving continental cuisines.

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