Smart Home Design Amarillo Tx

Similar to a symphony on a technology scale, Sound Hut can take many “smart” elements and have them controlled from one single device. Sound Hut uses industry leading equipment to deliver the best results across all smart devices. Taking an outdated living space and transforming it into a high quality experience sounds like an intense process and may be intimidating. The knowledgeable technicians at Sound Hut will listen to your wants and need then suggest ideas to maximize the enjoyment of your smart home. Please contact us today for a free in-home consultation with our friendly technicians.

Home Theater
Since the days of having external black boxes in each room or an open framed rack with bulky equipment, the technology of home theater systems have evolved. Older projectors may run loud and hot. From Sound Hut you can expect your projector to be cool and quiet and sound to be as the director intended. With up to date equipment comes a modern way to control it. With your touch screen your can set the mood when you watch your next movie.
Home Automation
Home automation uses a device as an interface while automatically controlling different elements in your home. Powering elements to work properly means you will need a robust network. The network will support anything electronic that runs through it. Home automation systems control lighting, thermostat, entertainment options and more. You can even customize your audio experience with the Matrix Switcher and multi-channel amplifier.
Custom Installation
We understand planning and designing a new audio and visual system is overwhelming. Our technicians will come out, survey the area and go over your wants and needs. There are many points to consider for custom installation and the professionals at Sound Hut will be there from start to finish and beyond. As an example, we have seen many home owners that are left with wires and cords hanging from behind their TV. Sound Hut will maximize space and keep it clean of any distractions so you can enjoy your space for what it’s made for.
Point of Sale Support
Sound Hut can also provide support on your point of sale system. Once software has been installed by the point of sale company, Sound Hut will provide support as you need it. There are many items that are connected to the point of sale systems and knowing which part of the systems controls which part of your store is important. When you need a local company to be proactive and one who understand how to talk on a technical level to the point of sale company, contact Sound Hut.
Home Security Support
Sound Hut partners with a local security company and together provide many security needs. We are proud to partner with a large, local company and the only one that provides monitoring from their headquarters. For smart home security, you are able to arm and disarm your home from the touch of a button on your phone. You will also receive alerts and other notifications on your phone. You can rest easy knowing your home and valuables are protected even when you are not there.
Motorized Blinds, Shades & Drapes
Sound Hut specializes in motorized shades and drapes for your home. Adjusting blinds is a repetitive task, but making this automated leaves one less thing to to when you get home. Motorized shades and drapes are necessity for homes with windows that absorb a lot of heat. Having this in your home will block out the sun, keeping energy costs down, increase value of your home and help maintain temperature in that room.
Lighting Control & Fixtures
Sound Hut uses only the best equipment for the ultimate satisfaction in luxury lighting control. As a leading dealer, we are proud to be apart of a company who’s constantly updating and adding to their software. Whether you are home or not home, our systems allow control from your device from anywhere. With endless possibilities in lighting control, setting the mood just got easier.
Consultation & Design
Sound Hut plays a crucial role in the process of building a custom home. If you want your new home to be a fully automated smart home, it is best that the home builder and Sound Hut work together from the beginning. The fact is, a home that’s automated is better than a home that is not automated. Once you experience home automation for yourself, it will be difficult to give up.

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