Apple iPhone 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs and price

The comparison between iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will surely help you to choose the better product for you. Well, considering both the product in mind the two of these smart-phones are highly popular and are in much demand now. It’s not that easy to pick one between these as both of these phones have some undue features and are also very powerful phones. When Samsung is one of the most trusted brands for Android OS on the second hand we have Apple which is mostly known for its amazing iOS operating system. iPhone 6 Plus comes with a 5.5-inch display, Apple A9 processor, 2 GB RAM, 12 MP rear and 5 MP front camera where Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note 5 provides 5.7-inch display, Android v5.1 Lollipop OS, 1.5GHz Cortex-A53 quad-core processor, 16 MP primary and 5 MP secondly camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs and price

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specs and Price: Screen Protector

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs and price may be the smaller and lower as compared to other Note series mobile phones relatively; however, it comes with all the specs we have expected from the Note series at a less expensive price range if we compared with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. If you’ve bought Samsung’s latest note series mobile phone, keeping its display screen should be a priority if solely to avoid repair charges. Because it will costs you a lot if you repair the display screen of this smartphone.

As we know that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs and prices are reasonable. So, first thing first; it is important to protect your screen from any kind of damage so use a good quality protector to keep your display screen safe from any kind of damage caused by any accident.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specs and Price: Camera and other updates

If we talk about the current stable version of android for Galaxy Note 10 and its plus; Android 9 Pie is the stable version available. But there are two main points to consider; Google is trying to launch it’s android 10 in September, which will be definitely available for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus in the future. Maybe Samsung will introduce Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs and price with the android 10 in January 2020 or in February 2020. The Galaxy Note 10 got its first update in August, now due to updates, there are many improvements in different specs of the mobile phones. This update brings considerable improvements in the performance of the fingerprint sensor, camera stability, picture quality, and security of the mobile phone.

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