Royal Mint | The History behind Why There are Dates on Coins


There might be a question popped up in your head that why coins have dates and what is the reason? Well! In this blog, we are going to discuss that topic in details.

Back in the 16th century, the time of King Edward VII, the dates appeared on the gold coin and silver coin each. During the time of his reign, coins were used to have in numerals in the time being they were issued. But before this coin would have particular symbols on them, for instance, anchors or crowns.

The Meaning of the Symbols

These symbols correlate to a specific period of rule and mintage. And these coins are the symbols of which mintage they belonged to. You can verify that by checking the government records. It seems like using a way to reveal a code. You can Match the symbols and identify the time that type of coin was released. But the issued date by reading the symbol wasn’t clear because it might not be a year, it may continue exceeding a year or it might be a period of months.

So the purpose of releasing the coin and making some symbolic history of the period of which it was issued looks to be essential from a beginning date of release.

What Do We know about This?

We do not comprehend for sure why people began doing the issued coin with dates or why was it important? But we can understand that there are a couple of reasons behind that. Let’s discuss in three points:

1. The dates on the coin might be used to control and record the number of coins discovered within a particular time of period. So it appears to be a beneficial medium in other respects. For instance, in the progress of an era. It is the symbol of date is recorded is in the certain reign, which indicates the time of the reign. For instance, in 2018, Queen Elizabeth II has celebrated her 66 years on the throne. She was crowned back in 1952, so it is 66 regnal years of her throne. In the meantime, the coins issued in these regnal years, become the symbol of a period of time.

2. Gold and silver coins were one of the things that were released periodically. That’s the reason why the demand for gold and silver coin never ends. It is a process of regulation which describes the relevant period of time.

3. It was also a medium of communication with the people. We are talking about the times before notes and newspapers. Also, coins were a fundamental idea for the government to share their imagery and the way that state could represent itself. It pitched representation about the ruling era and monarch, about what King/Queen looked like and signs of the kingdom.

Why is Royal Mint Bullion Coins Dated?

When a new Royal Mint bullion coin began to expand and grab the market, it followed on the specific culture. And nowadays coins almost mark invalid without the issue date. The year carved is now a part of the coin and represents the time of that period.



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