Professionals’ Guide to Fix Roku Unable to Update Software Error

Roku streaming gadgets are intended to run the most recent variant of software. The Roku player verifies if new software is available for download during Roku setup using At whatever time the streaming device is turned on, it checks for the software update randomly every 2-3 days. The download and installation are generally completed automatically without interrupting your utilization of the Roku gadget.

However, you can also check for a software update manually on your device. To do so, go to web address and select system update. Here, you can check if there is any new update available or not.

This post will provide you with some remedies for troubleshooting Roku unable to update software error. Continue reading.

What occurs if there is an error during software update?
In order to complete software update, your Roku gadget must have a decent internet connection. In the event that for some reasons this connection is inconsistent or an unexpected blackout happens, your Roku gadget might not be able to update the most recent software version. In case it occurs, an on-screen error message will be displayed stating ‘unable to update software’.
At the base of the message, you will see one of the accompanying error codes: 001, 002, 003 or 005.
Roku Help: Unable to Update the Roku Software
Even when there is a good Roku connectivity on your device, it is unable to update the software. During this time, users experience the error code 003 shown on the unit. The error saying ‘Roku is unable to update software’ comes into view when the organization’s backend servers are experiencing a few changes or redesigns, in general. In rarer situations, it implies that the servers have broken down. Amid these occasions, the Roku player finds it difficult to make a connection with the network.
Roku Software Update
As soon as you get started with Roku online update process, it silently updates its software in the background. In simple words, regardless of whether you are streaming your favorite movie or playing games online, it doesn’t make a difference. Updates still pursue without influencing your present viewing. In some cases, the player won’t do the needful and a Roku error code 003 comes into view.

Reasons behind Roku Unable to Update Software Error

  • Poor or no connectivity issues with the router and other web concerns result in the error code 003 where the Roku gadget can’t update the software.
  • Previously, Roku back-end server issues with were unavoidable. While this isn’t the situation now, chances are it may happen anytime.
  • As the time passes, Roku introduces updates of most recent variants with newer added features. In these updates, the more seasoned issues are fixed too. Your streaming player might not have gotten these redesigns.
  • Furthermore, the gadget doesn’t have enough ability for associating with the Wi-Fi connection because of unrecognized security protocols, for example, the AES. As a result, the software updates don’t happen.
Roku Support: Here’re the Solutions
At the point when your Roku can’t update the software through, you can troubleshoot it with great ease. Prior to performing any troubleshooting, make sure that you have a strong or fast-speed internet connection and there are no undesirable replacements, and firewalls confining the system.
Server Status
Check for messages got with your email, where Roku is experiencing some server maintenance. They will even show the date and time of the disturbance to ensure you are not baffled. On the off chance that Roku’s servers are down, there is nothing truly you can do about it. Simply let the maintenance complete for service restoration.
Network Security Protocols
AES protocols are not a supported format by Roku. At the point when utilized inside a network, it stops the Roku connectivity to perform software updates. Change the protocol to troubleshoot the ‘Roku unable to update software’ error.On the off chance that you confront any issues with the Roku gadget while updating the software, ensure to call our specialists at toll-free number 1-866-817-4499.

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