Old Bollywood Breakup Songs: Companion To Your Broken Heart

Bollywood is known for its songs and dance all over the world. Music is life and bollywood knows how to use songs to elevate the emotions of the audience (except some of the movies where songs are forced).

Sad songs have their own charm and bollywood has no dearth of sad songs. A hindi sad song can bring so many emotions in your heart and so many memories in your mind.

A breakup song is a song which we listen to after our breakup or when we are fighting with our partner. There is a huge variety of bollywood breakup/sad songs. It may sound foolish to listen to a sad song when you are feeling sad as it can make you more sad but sometime it is really good to vent out the emotions and cry your heart out to feel better. And what can be better than an old bollywood sad song?

Old songs are so beautifully written that every word feels so relatable. They are filled with emotions and stories of real lives. Here is a list of old bollywood breakup songs which you should definitely listen. Enjoy listening the evergreen melodies!


Jane kyu log mohabbat kiya karte hain


This song is from the movie Mehboob ki Mehndi. It was sung by Lata Mangeshkar..

The lyrics are:

“Tanhai milti hai, mehfil nahi milti,

Raah-e-mohabbat mein kabhi manzil nahi milti,

Dil toot jata hai, naakam hota hai,

Ulfat me logo ka yahi anjaam hota hai…”


Kya hua tera vaada


This song is from the movie Hum Kisise Kam Naheen. It was sung by Mohammad Rafi.

The lyrics are:

“Yaad hai tujhko, tune kaha tha,

Tumse nahi roothenge kabhi..

Teri baahon mein beeti har shaam,

Bewafa ye bhi kya yaad nahi”


Ae dil e nadaan


This song is from the movie Razia Sultan. It was sung by Lata Mangheskar.

The lyrics are:

“Hum bhatakte hai, kyun bhatakte hain

Ae dil e nadan, aarzoo kya hai, justaju kya hain?”


Chahunga main tujhe saanjh saware


This song is from the movie Dosti. It was sung by Mohammad Rafi.

The lyrics are:

“Chahunga main tujhe saanjh saware…

Phir bhi kabhi ab naam ko tere…

Aawaaz main na dunga”


Ankhiyon ke jharokho se tujhe dekha jo saawre


This song is from the movie Ankhiyon ke Jharokho se. It was sung by Hemlata.

The lyrics are:

“Jeeti hu tumhe dekh ke, marti hu tumhi par,

Tum ho jaha saajan meri dunia hai wahi pe…

Ek tere bharose pe sab bethi hu bhool ke,

Yuhi umr guzar jayein, tere sath guzar jaye.”


Mera kuch saaman tumhare paas pada hai

This song is from the movie Ijaazat. It was sung by Asha Bhosle.

The lyrics are:

“Ek akeli chatri me jab adhe adhe bhigh rahe the,

Adhe gile, adhe sukhe, sukha toh main le aayi thi,

Gila man shayad bistar ke pas pada hoga,

Wo bhijwa do, mera wo samaan lauta do.”

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