Legacy pieces and our nostalgic moments

As Krithi took the beautifully crafted broad array of flexible and artistic Vaddanam in her hands, all her memories flashed in a bout and she went live into her marriage moments, the  first time introductions to new family, the hustle of relatives, the whirl of endless rituals and the great separation anxieties that came along. So many reminiscences some soar, some sweet and some beautiful. Today after two and half decades when Krithi took her precious Jewellery out, she could feel the exuberance of fine craftsmanship, the twinkle in the gemstones, the smell of pink stubs wrapped across the Jewellery and all the nostalgic moments of her wedding shopping. She felt a rush of dejavu when she sat to handover some of her favourite Jewels to her daughter on her big day.

Scores of woman across the world must have been through this deep hearted moment where they merrily pass their coveted pieces to the next generation. We witness this in literally every Indian household. The Harry Winston’s, The Cartier and the Rolex of the western world are replaced in India by Vaddanams, Harams, Diamond chokers etc. Another major difference is that only about 10% westerners live a life where they pass these legacy pieces to their next generation, but practically every Indian mother has a treasure that she accumulates over a period and passes to her children.

Dynamics of Jewellery Shopping

Shopping has never been the same unlike the olden days where the seller use to come home and show all the pieces and then woman would pick one among them. Today we have a world full of choices, each better than the other in some way, making it hard to choose. However, the new age shoppers are more aware, knowledgeable and informative. For example, one click on latest Vaddanam designs online would virtually propel hundreds of images and models. Life has only become easy and tough simultaneously as the choices are unlimited.

Secondly, there are a number of shopping avenues which have mushroomed like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, internet and a number of e Commerce sites. They have umpteen options, seeing which we often get haywire. Initially it started with books, slowly items like clothes, household items, industrial equipment, Kitchen essentials and every other product started being sold online. In this race, Jewellery is no exception; there are a number of Jewellers who are now portraying their pieces online.

Thirdly, the way we perceive things for example in olden days when our grandmas use to choose, they used to touch, feel and caress the object in their hands and then carefully take a decision to pick or no to pick, however the dynamics of new age shopping are not so. We feel the product through the eyes, have limited touch and feel options but retailers have addressed this issue by being inventive example Vaibhav jewellers– A Vizag based Jewellery giant has recently introduced state of art live video shopping option for their customers where customers can book a slot, mention their choice of Jewellery they want to preview and at one click the entire range is bought to the comfort of their home. Say, a customer wishes to see 2 in 1 vaddanam designs with weight range of 150-250gms, they present all the pieces. Vaibhav Jewellers surely took Luxury shopping altogether to a new level.

Lastly such innovative practices followed by trust building and customer satisfaction have always been at the centre of Jewellery shopping.

To all damsels out there, Carpe diem and Keep reading!!

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