Largest pink diamond in Russia’s history

argyle pink diamonds

The Russian public group Alrosa presented its largest colored gems, some of which have no analogues in the world. The highlight of the program has become a pink stone, the largest ever extracted in Russia.

Inestimable treasures play in every color – the world leader in the diamond sector, the Russian Alrosa presented to the press its collection of large colored gems, including the largest pink diamond in history.

“Just like the blues, pink diamonds are considered to be the rarest and most precious. A pink stone of such size and purity is one of the best in recent years, “said Yuriy Okoemov, deputy general manager of the company, assuring that this stone could become the most expensive of its kind. the history of the country.

This rare jewel of 14.83 carats made in oval shape was carved from the gemstone extracted in 2017 in Yakutia . Recognized as the largest pink colored raw diamond unearthed in Russia, it has also been named the best find of 2017, according to The National Jeweler. To understand its singularity, it should be noted that until then the largest pink diamond of Alrosa weighed only 3.86 carats.

The largest diamond presented by the company was the bright yellow color carved in Asscher and weighing 20.69 carats.

Another treasure of the company – a purple pink stone in cushion size. Weighing 11.06 carats, it has been recognized as the largest diamond of this color by the Gemological Institute of America.

To understand the rarity of these diamonds, we must take into account that in nature we find on average a colored stone out of 10,000 of gem quality extracted. Large colored diamonds are even less common.

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