Is There Any Scope Of IoT Gadgets In Healthcare Industry?

IoT Gadgets In Healthcare Industry

The scope of the Internet is shattering all the boundaries and is keen on revolutionizing the business world. With whopping opportunities, it is set to deepen its foundation. The Internet is no longer confined within the screens of your laptops, desktops or smartphone, rather it is creating a well-knit structure of interconnected devices.


Yes, we are talking about the Internet Of Things…


If you are linked with the business world, then the IoT’s popularity should not come as a surprise to you. So let us expand our knowledge, and look into a seamless way to integrate IoT with a unique business idea.


What Is The Internet Of Things?


Studies suggest that by 2025, the number of IoT devices will shoot for the stars, with the number reaching up to 21 billion!”


In simple terms, the Internet of things is all about electronic devices that are connected with each other and successfully share data with each other. Apart from computers, smartphones, and laptops, they also include gadgets equipped with chips.


Its all about gathering and communicating data over a particular network. The scope and potential of such devices are wide-ranging. That is why these devices are efficiently taking over the users day to day routine tasks. From maintaining connectivity to the sorting of the grocery list, IoT screams convenience 24*7.


Seeing such gargantuan popularity, the next question that arises is about its futuristic approach in different industries. So today we will explore one such industry that offers huge opportunities to businesses, especially the ones that are trying to pave their way into this technology.


Future Of IoT Gadgets In Healthcare Industry


By bridging the gap between the world of medicine and technology, IoT devices have successfully taken the initial steps towards revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of critical diseases. This is because after establishing a connection with the internet, basic medical devices can collect sensitive and valuable data, in order to get an in-depth insight.


It has the capability to give extra control to the patients over their health and treatment. So without any further ado, let us study a few amazing examples of IoT in the healthcare industry that businesses can take inspiration from.


1# IoT Based- Insulin Pens & Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)


When it comes to the development of smart devices, diabetes has provided fertile ground. Since this particular condition is highly common, a large chunk of the population requires regular monitoring and treatment.


An insulin pen is a smart device trying to improve the lives of its diabetic user. They have the ability to record and suggest the right time, type and amount of insulin to be injected in a specific dose. With the help of a smartphone application, such devices are able to store a large amount of data. From helping the patients to record their meals and blood sugar level to let them know the effect of the same, such devices are definitely creating a huge difference.


CGM is another smart device that provides monitoring aid to diabetic patients. It lets them monitor their blood glucose level, by taking reading for multiple days. In 1999 the first CGM was approved by the US Food & Drug Administration. This leads to the in-flow of multiple CGMs in the market.


They provide personalized information on blood glucose levels on an Android or iPhone app. And because of the rising popularity of Apple watch, data can be received on the same, because of the development. Such healthcare apps allow the user to monitor their health with the help of doctors.


2# IoT-based Inhalers


With the rising pollution level and unhealthy habits, a number of patients of diabetes and asthma are crossing every limit. And since technology provides a solution for everything, smart IoT-based inhalers are providing their users with a detailed insight on their health.


Now thanks to connected inhalers, users can get control over their treatment and symptoms. Businesses have developed sensors, that can be attached to a Bluetooth spirometer or inhaler. From helping people with asthmatic and COPD to allowing them to track the use of rescue medicine, these devices come in handy for so many situations.


3# Smart Connected Contact Lenses


Last but not least, let us talk about one of the most ambitious applications of IoT. Since technology has always been able to meet the world’s expectations, this mind-blowing application has a huge scope in the business world.


Verily partnered with Alcon, in 2014 and announced the development of a contact lens that can measure tear glucose and set an early warning system for the diabatic user. For example the warning about the drastically dropping of blood sugar levels.


But a lot of researchers believed that this idea was not scientifically possible, and this was completely the case. But in 2018, Verily announced that the complete idea was being shelved. Verily and Alcon are working together on the smart lens program, in order to treat presbyopia.




These are some of the great examples that you can follow in order to expand your business with the help of IoT technology. Since there is a huge scope of reform in the healthcare industry, reach out to the company that can shape your business idea into reality. But ensure that you settle for nothing less than an expert development team.


So what are you waiting for? Start working on your business strategy. And in case if there are any doubts, feel free to connect.


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