Is the scorpion venom as deadly as the disease?

In real life the scorpions are known as the deathly creatures, for the dread they bring with them is sufficient to kill them without giving a second thought to allow them to survive and hence these creatures are belittled

Studies have every now and then shown the spiders as more significant than we believe. Apart from the perspective that we believe less pleasing freestanding to our standards of beauty these dreadful creatures bring to the table stimulus and value to the industry

Using the scorpion venom a number of chronic and death causing diseases can be fought, among which one of the deadly disease is cancer that causes 8 million deaths every year

More than just being the poisonous creature the Blue Scorpion is the habitant of the island of Cuba. Being the center for research that is to find the cure for breast cancer, that takes away the lives of millions females across the globe.

A protein is discovered by the Mexican Medicinal Practitioner that may help fight breast cancer, a deadly disease plague the lives of women. The research earned him find several recognitions yet there were also disagreements as others believe that the scorpion venom has been the main ingredient of the Cuban herbal medicines from past many years

Labiofam a drugmaker in Cuba, invented a pain killer and anti- inflammatory drug called Vidatox. The medicine is extracted from the blue scorpion venom to enhance the health conditions of the patients combating cancer, and yet serving more than 65000 individuals. Well Labiofam believes that it took more than a decade to prepare the medicine

While the only difference appeared was the point of focus as the Mexican medicine was to cure the breast cancer, yet the Cuban medicine specialized in a broader spectrum of improving the overall health condition for 85% with several types of cancers. Apart from being controversial, this is the obvious advantage for the human health that is promised by these poisonous beings

The side effects of using scorpion venom, in human medicine

The scorpion venom intake may involve a few symptoms depending on the dosage and potency of the drug; mild potency may include burning and tingling

While the common symptom include, tears, low head ache, muscle pain, diarrhea, however, if the potency is higher; one may experience difficulty to breath, erections that are painful in men and impaired vision

As it has been noted that a few symptoms appear abruptly while others may take time the patients should immediately rush to the medical facility nearby

Some juicy facts for the scorpion venom buyers;

Among 2000 species of the Scorpion venom buyers lesser of 30 and 40 percent have the potency to kill human beings so it can be concluded that only a few of them can cause potential harm

One can neither by the body nor can the shade of scorpion identify the height of its danger. Though certain aspects can be helpful

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