How to write an engaging and informative blog

Are you looking at a blank sheet of paper and trying to unblock the writer’s block? This is a common problem that almost every writer faces, once in their career. No matter how experienced you may be, every writer fears mediocracy. You want to develop a loyal fan-base who regularly reads the content you put out. For this, you try to be as much engaging and informative as you can be. Below is a list of tips which may help you deal with this problem effectively.

Demand their attention from the first sentence:
This is easier said than done but not impossible. Every matured and experienced writer struggles with composing an attention-grabbing, effective, and impactful introduction to start their content. This skill is learned over time, with a lot of practice, and creative indulgence. It can be confusing to some as you are required to give out limited information about the essay, but at the same time, a complete insight into the purpose of the blog, in the first paragraph.

However, you can begin the essay with a thought-provoking question. Ideally, you should start the expository blog post by stating the statistics or any scientific fact. If you want to take the creative route, you may incorporate a quote in the beginning. You might even start with a short and precise personal story or experience. This can be an interesting and attractive start to any blog post. Whatever you choose in the end, be strict and easy with the words.

Every word counts:
Due to the increasing presence and importance of the internet in our lives, the majority of the readers have developed a short attention span. Due to this problem, bloggers face a hard time creating a loyal following. Therefore, it is necessary to make every word of your blog post count. Ensure that each sentence, phrase, word holds significance and purpose in the blog and maintains a relationship with the reader. Be persuasive and have urgency in your tone. Don’t come across as too needy as that can be off-putting. You need to make sure that you have the attention of the readers from the first word until the last. The best way to ensure you don’t make any mistakes is by reading the first draft out loud. If there’s any point during the proofreading where you feel that you need to stop and talk some sense into it, change the wording and sentence structure right away. Try to keep your sentence structures as short and precise as possible. Speak to the point and leave no space for ramblings and paraphrasing. If you feel that you’re going overboard with the use of adjectives and idioms, then erase them instantly. You shouldn’t add words that add absolutely no value to your writing.

Play with pop culture references:
The best way to write an engaging blog post and elevate the factor of relatability is to throw around a couple of pop culture references here and there. This will showcase your personality while adding a little bit of flavour as well. Also, you have to be mindful of your readers. You can’t be writing for teenagers and think they will get your Janis Joplin reference. Be current and try to understand what they would want to read.

Find unique ways to communicate:
No matter how hard you try, there’s always someone who has written on the topic which you intend to write on. So the only way to be original in this scenario is to find a new and unique angle. If your intention is right and you want to be remembered and be authentic, you have to think out of the box. Try cultivating this skill by thinking in a twisted way. Find your voice, be in touch with who you are, and be opinionated. This is the only way you can build a connection with your readers.

Conclude the post with a punch line:
People spend hours constructing the most impactful introduction and an exploratory and detailed main body, but when it comes to writing a conclusion, most writers choose the easy way out. They usually rush the ending and give the result without any build up, or they summarise everything they have already mentioned above. This is boring and mundane. If you want to be engaging and informative, you must give it time. Think of different ideas and be creative. You can end the blog post with a question, advice, a call for an action, or simply a joke. Explore all the possibilities and choose the best fit.

Write the way you speak:
Most of the times, people don’t begin writing until the last possible minute because they are overthinking and fearful. The only way to resolve this problem of procrastination and anxiety is by writing how you speak. No need to think for days about what you have to say. Similarly, just write how you feel, speak, and think. You will soon learn to let go of the fear of making mistakes and being judged. Write for yourself and life will seem easy. Build a rapport with your reader. You can’t stop yourself from saying things just because you are afraid to sound stupid. Eventually, your blog post will seem more like a conversation and less like a lecture.

Choose a topic which interests you:
This is one of the most common methods of creating strong followership. You would have noticed that bloggers, who have the most respect in the field, are the ones who have a command over the topic. Therefore, when you decide on the topic, you should always be well versed in it. Know your facts, do research, talk to experts, know about the subject, understand the theme and background, and then proceed towards writing a blog on it. You can’t expect people to read your blogs if you are writing inaccurate facts and making absolutely no sense. You want people to learn something new from your blogs. This way, they would want to come back regularly and read your content.

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