How To Take Care Of A Newborn During Winters?

No matter how beautiful view you get from the window, once the temperature reaches below freezing, you cannot take your baby out. Maybe the outside is just too pretty to see from the room, but there shouldn’t be any scope for your baby to get in touch, which so much cold. Newborns do not posses the ability of self-regulating their core. As the newborn doctor, Charlotte might suggest, parents should take extra care of their newborns at this time of the year. Having limited exposure to the snow and saving it for the time, they will grow up a little.

Bundle up your baby when going outside-

  • If the temperature outside reaches below freezing or even if the non-freezing temperatures gets mixed with rain or wind, try to keep your newborns home.
  • Only brief excursions that too by a car, can be allowed. According to the newborn doctor Charlotte if you are not in the Antarctic area, then dress your baby in a sweater, jacket, a hat which covers the ears, mittens, and a bunting.
  • Also, keep checking your baby for any signs of discomfort or irritation. If your baby’s face gets red and warm and he’s fussy, then maybe you have just overheated him with too many woolens. And if the baby’s skin is cold and he’s teary-eyed, and in a fussy mood, then you can assume the baby is not enough bundled up to be brought outside.

Keep your baby moisturized-

  • Lack of humidity and cold temperatures can eventually contribute to giving scaly, itchy, and dry skin. According to newborn doctor Charlotte, most of the babies do not need to be bathed every day during the winters; even water can contribute to drying out the skin.
  • Keep in mind that when you bathe your baby, the water is mediocre warm and do not soak your baby for too long. The water should be comfortably warm. After washing the baby, dry him/her off nicely, and then out some good quality body lotion all over the baby’s body to keep him/her moisturized.
  • Keep using the lotion as time as you want to keep the skin soft and hydrated. You can also use baby massage oils or some ointments if creams do no help in locking in the moisture.

Put layers on your baby to lock in warmth-

  • If the outside temperature makes you feel like you need a jacket on top of your sweater, then you should have your baby in a snowsuit, a jacket, and a blanket. Dressing your baby in layers will help you in adjusting according to her needs.
  • You can get an idea about how much warmth and the amount of layering she needs. While dressing up, your baby never forgets to cover the baby’s head and feet. These are the exact places where the baby loses warmth.
  • Therefore it is very important to make your baby wear hats that can cover the ears along with that mitten and then boots and warm snuggly socks. This way, all the warmth can be locked in. Also, if you feel the baby doesn’t seem comfortable, then you can adjust the layers accordingly.

These were a few important tips which every parent should keep in mind while taking care of their newborn during winters. The winter season demands a little extra care and warmth towards the babies. But if anyone keeps these things in mind, then a lot will be already solved.

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