How to Select a Managed Cloud Hosting Provider?

The number of users, individuals as well as businesses, are increasing per day and this is resulting in the mushrooming of new service providers. However, it is not a one size fits all where you can randomly pick a service for your business. You must choose the right managed cloud hosting provider for your business with utmost care and after a lot of deliberations. There are several questions you must be clear about before signing up a contract.

How The Cloud Works?

Cloud hosting in India is an ideal solution for small and fast-growing businesses. They need a reliable hosting solution which offers improved features over the shared hosting. The traffic is increasing but not so high to require a private dedicated machine.

Features Of The Cloud?

Cloud is a cluster of virtual servers. When one is down for maintenance, your business will get resources from the other virtual machines. You can build more virtual servers on demand to meet the needs of a traffic upsurge. There is no risk of downtime or latency while in the cloud. The services are offered on a utility basis where consumers pay only for the services they consume.

Determine What Cloud To Use For Which Data

Cloud is available in the three models of public, private and hybrid clouds. The public cloud evolved first and is meant for all users. They draw their resources from a pool of servers. Public cloud is an ideal choice for people looking for cost efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. Private cloud assures of total privacy, control, and security. It can be in-house or in a third-party data center in a secluded environment.

The third option is a blend of both the above clouds. The managed cloud hosting provider will utilize both the above and create a hybrid solution for your IT. They will house the non-sensitive data in the public cloud and all the confidential critical applications in the private cloud. Your host must allow customizability and shuffle data across both the clouds to get your business cost-efficiency as well as control and security.

What Are The Security Measures?

Security to your data is the most crucial service you require from the managed cloud hosting provider. Nobody wants to take risks with their most important business assets. If your host is not efficient, it will cause monetary losses as well as loss of reputation. Find out about the location of their data centers. The security measures they offer. Most of the cloud services offer the encryption of data. Ensure the encryption is done while the data is still in-house and is in the encrypted form both at rest and while in transit.

How Compliant Are They?

Online businesses have a lot to deal with safeguarding client information like their credit card details, health reports if it is a business related to health. It is important that you partner with a managed cloud hosting provider who offers solutions that comply with regulations laid out by bodies like SOX, HIPAA, PCI etc. The top providers have a team of experts who can advise you about the new updates and other information on the regulatory issues.

What About The Service Level Agreement(SLA)?

This is yet another important question you must check about with the managed cloud hosting provider you intend to sign up with. What is the downtime they anticipate? Cloud services usually have the barest minimum downtime. What are the commitments they make to compensate for any outages or unplanned downtime? They must be prepared with the backup technology and expertise to ensure your site is available with the least interruption in service. They must offer 24/7 technical and customer support.

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