How to Choose the Smart TV to Experience Best Quality

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First things first!

Do you need to bring home a quality Smart TV? If yes, then this quick buying guide will help you know vital factors to make the right decision, along with the best TV models.

When it comes to Smart television, you should know that buying the right one can improve your home entertainment vastly. You can easily fulfil your demand by filling the living room with on-demand from Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and more.

When your DTH service provider is not showing content that’s worth appealing, you can easily switch to Smart TV functionalities and start streaming videos, movies, music and more.

But, selecting perfect Smart TV matching your viewing habits also means considering a few basic elements. They are like TV size, screen resolution, operating system, refresh rate, audio quality and more. Specifications of Smart TV can confuse, but we have you covered. Read on and explore key factors that you need to consider to bring home the best Smart TV!

The size of your TV

One of the key considerations while purchasing Smart TV should be the size of your device. It depends on how big you want your TV screen to be as per the room size where you wish to install it. The next thing is considering how far you will be sitting you watch content on your TV. TV sets at the large end of your room may overwhelm your eyes if you sit right in the front. If possible, you should visit a local store to check out the correct measurements or something that will suit you. Buying a 32 inch Lloyd LED TV and more will be right for a medium sized room. You should select bigger sizes for bigger rooms accordingly.

Your TV resolution

Just in the case of a laptop and a smartphone, the resolution of a Smart TV also matters in helping you see clear and distortion free frames. It is the number of pixels that makes the screen. The higher is the pixels of your TV; the sharper will be the display. When the screen size has a lower resolution, it will end up affecting the sharpness. Also, choosing the same resolution as in a 32 inch screen in a 49 inch display won’t serve the purpose as it won’t look clear.

Operating System

You are buying a Smart TV and need to ensure that the Operating System is capable enough to handle more apps and services. It would be suggested to invest in Android OS than others. It will help you access more applications and services than others.

Refresh rate

How much the TV refreshes while showing you racy content depends on the refresh rate. A Smart TV with a higher refresh rate (counted in Hz) means enjoying distortion free frames. An LG TV with at least 60Hz and other brands should be able to serve the purpose.

Audio quality

Most of the budget Smart TVs presents you with the poor audio system. Hence, even if you are buying a large Smart TV, it will ruin your experience due to the lack of proper sound. Thus, the best thing will also be purchasing a sound bar that will improve the audio experience.

You can consider these discussed points to bring home a quality Sony LED TV and other branded models. Now, let’s have a look at a few excellent Smart TV models available in India.

LG All-In-One 32 Inch HD Ready LED Smart TV 2019 Edition

  1. HD Ready 32 inch 1366 x 768 pixels display
  2. 10 W speaker output
  3. 60 Hz refresh rate
  4. IPS Panel
  5. 2 HDMI ports
  6. 1 USB port
  7. WebOS OS
  8. Smart TV functionalities

Price – Rs.15,000.

Lloyd Clara 43 Inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV

  1. Ultra HD 4K 43 Inch 3840 x 2160 pixels screen
  2. 30 W speaker output
  3. 50 Hz refresh rate
  4. 4 x HDMI ports
  5. 2 x USB ports
  6. A Grade Panel
  7. Smart TV functionalities

Price – Rs.34,000.

Buying any of these Smart TVs won’t stretch your monthly outlays as you will be able to divide the cost over a convenient tenor and pay only fixed EMIs. You can get this payment facility on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network in India.


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