How to Better Prepare for Your First Yoga Class?

Finally, you have enrolled at a Brisbane yoga studio. Your first yoga class is just in few days, you must be excited and nervous at the same time. To ensure that your yoga journey starts at a positive note, all you need to do is prepare well. Here’s everything you should know to be ready, confident and comfortable for an inspiring first yoga session.

What to Wear?

Don’t go for baggy or loose-fit tops and t-shirts, but select the one that fits you well. Pair it up with any shorts or active wear that you find comfortable and promise the flexibility and freedom to stretch. If you prefer not to be barefoot, yoga socks should serve the purpose.

What to Eat?

It’s best not to eat at least 2 hours before yoga. You should definitely not have heavy and greasy food items before the class. If you have to eat something try a protein bar or a piece of fruit. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself well before the class.

What to Carry to a Brisbane Yoga Studio?

While most of the popular studios in the Brisbane provide yoga mats and props like blocks and traps, it is best to confirm beforehand. In addition, carry a water bottle, a towel (or two if you wish to cover your mat), a change of clothes etc.

How to Behave?

Whether you practice yoga in Brisbane or anywhere in the world, following the class etiquettes is important. Here are some tips:

• Reach on time (rather early to grab the right space) and settle down fast.
• Switch off your phone and contribute towards silence.
• Don’t step on others’ mats.
• Limited or no use of scents and perfumes.
• Relieve yourself before the class begins and use the resting breaks to go to the bathroom.

Trust your Brisbane yoga instructor and follow him or her religiously. Don’t be afraid to ask questions after class, It is definitely going to be a life-changing experience for you.

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