How Can Online Room Booking Be Improved For Consumers?

Without any doubt, the market of today is consumer oriented. It runs according to the end consumer. Be it any good or service, no one can go against the desire and will of the consumer. The competition is such that if any service or good provider will do so, the consumer will not think twice in shifting to using some other product or service.

Now, coming straight up to the hospitality industry. Here, there is bias when it comes to consumers on the basis of their marital status. It is not much before when the  unmarried couples weren’t even given a space by any hotel in Delhi or in India to stay. Infact, even if they were given a space by some small local hotel, they were charged a whopping amount for that.

Then came a few players in the market who helped unmarried romantic couples in getting a personal space for themselves. Online room booking started seeing a hike and the situation for such couples got better.

However, it isn’t actually what it looks like. Ask the couples who stayed at the local budget hotels under the name of acclaimed India’s biggest hospitality company. They did online room booking and faced judgements, smeers and looks of disdain offline. Not just this, there were also incidences of hidden cameras, unhygienic food, rooms, unnecessary extra charges, bad hotel staff, and many other safety, hygiene, health and hospitality issues.

StayUncle was observing all of this and so he paved his way to this business. He analysed the existing players (which we refuse to call our competition, we are slowly setting a niche.) and found all the loopholes. He pledged to make his business out of this i.e. working for the couples, more precisely the unmarried and romantic couples. To improve the online room booking experience of such consumers, there is a lot that he has done till now and there is a lot that he has planned to do ahead. Let’s check what we have done to improve online room booking for consumers.

Our hotels are the safest- We don’t like associating our name with the hotels that we find unaligned with the parameters we set. So, you can count on all the hotels listed on our site. They are safe. Moreover, our hotels have also never been in the news for such things. They are safe and judgement free.

We promise a great quality time- The staff is humble, amicable and responsive. We have barely heard of any issues related to the services provided by the hotels we are connected with. And yup you can count on the food quality and prices too. We have hotels in Delhi and many hotels in India that have spa services, gym, sauna, pool, bathtub and other amenities to make your stay a memorable one.

We keep the essentials inside the room- No matter if its a sudden plan or a pre-planned one. We have got you covered. We believe in providing the essentials inside the room. You don’t need to wander outside the hotel for them. A chocolate, condom and much more is kept inside the hotel rooms when you opt for online room booking with us for hotels in Delhi or hotels in India. Just don’t forget to put the love kit filter on.

Judgements? What are they? – There will be no awkwards looks, comments passed on you. We treat couples as couples and we also don’t question their reasons to book a room. Some things are better left unsaid.

Quick check-in, checkout- To make the experience even more smooth and hassle-free, we have introduced a feature to check- in and check -out without the need to stand at the reception showing your identity proof ids. You can upload the id of your partner and yourself by logging in to your StayUncle account.

We are very inclusive- For us, love is love. Unlike, other companies in the hospitality industry we are working towards bringing a change. Why just let married and unmarried heterosexual couples book a room online? If not pan India, we are associated with many LGBT couple-friendly hotels in Delhi and Hotels in Kolkata and some other cities as well.  

The hotels we are associated with may not be many in number but they are surely one of the finest hotels that we have strived to keep in budget for you. So, book a hotel in India with StayUncle without any worries.

We understand! 🙂


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