How Can I Buy iPhone XR Via Axis Bank’s Credit Card

Hey Everyone, I am Ankita Shukla, here am writing to share my personal experience of using a Axis Bank’s credit card. Hope you enjoy reading.

Last week, our group of 25 friends crashed into our friends pre-wedding bash. It was crazy fun so much so that I ended up losing my smartphone. By the time I realised it was too late as I found it in the swimming pool all drenched in water and obviously useless.

In panic I searched for mobile phone sellers nearby but was not really sure which phone to get. So, I decided to check out online.

I was pretty amazed to find some really cool offers on Amazon. Especially in the iPhone category such as iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone XR. I was thrilled but unfortunately I did not have enough cash with me to order the iPhone.

It’s a stunning smartphone and is cross between iPhone 8 and iPhone X. It has a 11.16 Wh battery bigger than iPhone XS. With an LCD display which is bigger and thicker than OLED display. It has an easy to repair display.  The phone feels fluid and snappy with indistinguishable gaming experience.

On further browsing I found I could purchase the phone via Axis Bank’s credit card. This definitely I had on me. The best part was I did not even have to pay the full price of the phone at the time of booking.I places the order, chose the monthly EMI plan and couldn’t stop checking the features of my new iPhone XR.

I am a fan of online shopping but I had not imagined that it would save me in a troubled time when I don’t have enough cash on me.

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