Here’s How Getting Flu Increases The Risk Of Heart Attack

Flu is a common infectious health condition is caused by the influenza virus. The disease has symptoms like a headache, sore throat, muscle pain, coughing, sneezing, etc and often it leads to the risk of heart attack.

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal points out that flu may also expose a person to the risk of heart attack.

The study confirms that people with influenza had up to 6 times higher risk of heart attack and when it occurs immediate heart attack treatment is necessary. While this increased risk can be very short-lived, it is quite substantial.

How Flu causes Heart Attack?

People with heart conditions such as hypertension and atherosclerosis among others have already got arteries that have been clogged with the plaque to a certain extent.

Flu causes inflammation that spreads throughout the human body and includes the blood vessels as well. The already narrowed arteries may subsequently rupture in the presence of inflammation and/or the plaque may break off.

The plaque may also from a clot subsequently, and impede or stop the flow of blood to the heart, thereby causing a heart attack.

While flu may seem to be a trivial condition, it may have potentially devastating complications and consequences, especially for those who are already having a heart condition, and for the aging and elderly.

Other adults and those suffering from diseases and chronic conditions like diabetes also have a greater risk of heart attack when they have flu.  An expert cardiac specialist doctor should be consulted for more information.

It becomes imperative to seek and get medical intervention immediately if any of the conditions pertaining to a heart attack, such as breath shortness, chest discomfort, and others are noticed.  

Vaccination is Important

Avoidance of flu can lower the risk of heart attack as well. Vaccination for the flu is the most potent method to avoid influenza infection. This is a yearly vaccination.

Surveys reveal that even in advanced countries like America, less than half of the total population get vaccinated for influenza or flu.

The flu vaccination is very important for those who suffer from any heart condition such as hypertension or chronic diseases such as diabetes.

It is even better if all the individuals get vaccinated for the virus as it affects health in many subtle and profound ways and can also cause hospitalization.

Studies also reveal that a vaccination against flu can lower the risk of heart attack by up to 36%. The flu vaccination or shot is readily available at the pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics of the local doctors.

One can also reduce exposure to the flu virus by following tips given below.

  • Avoid physical and close contact with sick people
  • Only touch/hold objects that are cleaned
  • Practice hygienic habits and wash hands regularly
  • Avoid unnecessarily touching the mouth, nose, or eyes
  • While sneezing, cover the mouth and the nose

The health of the immune system is also important towards preventing many infections including the flu infection. A healthy diet, good amounts of rest, and a healthy diet make the immune system strong and vibrant.

The leading and best heart hospitals in Delhi provide treatment for grave heart diseases including the heart attack, through the most modern medical equipment and expert doctors.

Early medical intervention is important towards saving of life in cases of attack.

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