Health And Indian Food, What You Should Know About

When we hear about Indian food, the first thing that comes in our mind is oil, spices and ofcourse amazing taste. All over the world, you may find restaurants serving best Indian food Melbourne. However, there is one big misconception about Indian food that stops people from west to enjoy these delicacies. Many people perceive that Indian food is unhealthy and has fat producing content.

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However, India has diverse culture and so as the variety of food it offers. It has something for everyone, one region may serve heavily oily food but others may serve you the most healthy food. For those who you are conscious eaters and focus a lot on the calories intake, have a lot of options to eat.

Over the years Indian food is getting very popular all over the world, as it has perfect blend of spices, taste and impressive ingredients. Be it vegetarian dishes or non-vegetarian dishes, Indian spices make every food item a tastier one. The vegetables, lentils, herbs, spices, and legumes used in Indian food are totally healthy and make it a perfect choice to be eaten for healthy living. Infact, there are number of herbs and spices that has medicinal properties that adds to health benefits. However, the health value associated with each meal depends a lot on the recipe and the way you cook it. If you opt for steaming, boiling or grilling as the way of cooking it can add health content, however, if you opt for frying or deep frying it may lower down the healthy proportion.

If you want healthier lifestyle, then you must follow the old saying you are what you eat. If you are a vegetarian than adding lots of herbs, green vegetables and spices can add a lot of healthy content in your diet. Turmeric, garlic, ginger, green chilies are some of the ingredients that can add a lot of health content in your meal as all these ingredients have medicinal and healing properties. Desserts are an integral part of Indian cuisines and any meal is incomplete without the same, however, if you are looking for healthier and dietary meals then it is recommended to avoid desserts as it may taste delicious but it has a lot of calories.

These diverse delicacies are best when served fresh and hot. It is always recommended to use fresh vegetables and other ingredients if you want to avail maximum health benefits from the meal, any kind of preservatives must be avoided. It is impossible to get the same benefits from the preserved food, the kind of flavors and health benefits fresh food provides you is unmatchable. Typical Indian food has everything to make a meal balanced, it is the best source of carbohydrates, proteins, fiberand fat. Not only a well-balanced mean satisfy your hunger and taste buds but also fulfill the nutrition need of the body.

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