Have Enjoy the Fish Fry in Delhi

Indian food encompasses a diverse range of dishes. We are a nation of close to 27 states, with Each state representing their own exquisite variety of cuisines. Although each state consists Of a plethora of local & regional delicacies that’ll wow your taste buds, the street food is one of those that help make each state distinctive from the other. Each state comes with its own variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare that are certain to swoon your taste buds.

Seafood and specifically fish is one of the most versatile dishes and if you’re a fish aficionado, we have a list of popular joints that serve an infinite number of spins on this yummy Indian food. It is no doubt that fish is also one of those seafood that carry an enormous number of health benefits. From an increase in the quality of hair to better eyesight, we are all too aware of these advantages and hence made to overdose on fish to keep ourselves fit and fine.

It’s also interesting to note the number of types of fishes, out there in the water. There are freshwater fishes and locally sourced river-bred fishes and then there are the extremely popular and beneficial ones, Salmon and Basa, the most renowned and easily accessible when it comes to Indian food. Then there is Cod, Mackerel and Sardines, that are widely available much more across the globe.

Whether you’re a fan of the crispy and crunchy Fried Fish or you love the aroma of Fish Fry and its multitude of flavors, there are plenty of restaurants across the country that whip up an astounding number of versions of fish delicacies that do nothing less than making you salivate. These are some of the best shops across the country that offer a varied variety of fried fish and fish fry that you can get your hands and tongues on. Head here and see if you’re worth it!

 Since it’s a coastal dish, it’s no secret that you’re bound to find the best variety of fish along the costal line, in places such as Goa, Mangalore, and Kerala. Trishna in Mumbai is one of the most popular places to savour Fried Fish in Mumbai if Mangalorean cuisine is what you’re looking for. In Bangalore, head to either Sanadige or Karavalli for your dose of vitamin Fish. Sanadige is known for the drool-worthy Pomfret Fry and Karavalli is known for the special Black pomfret, cooked in banana lead. The Allepey Fish Curry is also worth the mention.

While in Chennai, head to The Marina in Nungambakkam to devour fresh fish and Mahabalipuram as Moonrakers to rake up a plate of crunchy Fried Fish that’ll leave you wanting more. Another popular coastal city, Kolkata also provides a dearth of options when it comes to restaurants serving the best-Fried Fish and Fish Fry in the city. There is Fish Fish, which is well-known for its variety of seafood cuisine, as indicated by the name of the restaurant. Oh Calcutta! Another joint with various outlets across the country is widely popular for serving scrumptious Fried Fish that’ll leave you wanting some more.

Watch Fish Fry challenge on Eattreat Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJzDZaMp6fk

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