Google Local Search Study: Businesses on First Page Have an Avg. 4.4 Star Rating

Google ranking on the first page depends on the star ratings and on the reviews as well. If you are new to the business then you must understand the way the rankings go up. Here we have a detailed overview of the rates and ranking on the search engine.

Google is responsible for the ranks of businesses and whoever manages to come forth on the first page, they are the luckiest ones. However, the business websites that make their place on the first page, it has been said they have average 4.4 ratings, and this falls into a study which will give you an insight about the importance of the rates.

Google measures the sites on the first page and rank vise, and you get to know about various websites that are currently topping the first-page chart. However, even though a site comes to the first page that doesn’t mean they have to have the best ranking. Google makes sure that the less popular ones stay at the bottom, and we as consumers always tend to look for the ones that top on the page. This very thing has to be in mind of every business person that coming to the first isn’t equivalent to get preferred rank or the best conversion rate. Thus here we have covered the matter for your convenience.

An Overview

The topic concerns around that the first page sites always have to the rank of 4.42 stars and this information were revealed by the recent studies and some reviews from Google and it’s also based on local rankings as well. In here some points should be in mind like,

  • A better star rate is attached with if the site has a good ranking on the Google search engine. People tend to find out the best ranks before they make any buying decision and if the page is in a good position with Google consumers will get attracted more.
  • The top 3 ranked business on Google most likely have an average star rating of 4 to 5, which is very important and people tend to visit these very sites most of the time.
  • 59% of sites on the first page with ranks 7 to 10 has 4 to 5 stars rating.
  • You will find only 20% of websites with ranks 7 to 10 has 4 to a 5-star rating. These are very rare and sometimes they are not found in Google reviews as well.
  • Google Local SEO search plays a huge role in the ranking of the sites and thus, they can show up to the Google reviews too.

There Are Other Key Findings

  • There are only 5% of businesses on Google who has rates under 3 stars.
  • Alternative therapy, photography, various marketing services have the highest star ratings
  • Hotels, senior living houses, car dealerships have average star ratings on Google
  • Restaurants, bars have to give good ratings but they have fewer reviews on Google.

The search engines love popular businesses and there is a huge competition as well, so you must try to stay ahead in this hard competition, try searching out what your competitors are doing to get ranked on Google and you will surely be able to grab the best rank for your business.


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