Equipment’s and Materials Used in Handicraft Items

The popularity of handicraft items has crossed the borders of India and spread its shine all across the globe. As the popularity of this so many were excited to know that what materials and equipment are used for creating these Indian handicrafts. There is no doubt in this that the main magic in creating these handicrafts is in the hands of the artist who created them. The main success and popularity of these handicrafts items lie all in their uniqueness and creativity.

Now let’s see the equipment and materials used in the creation of these handicraft items. The painting of Rajasthani painters will find two types of painting the one that is done on Canvas and the other that you will find on cloth. And both types of paintings have great markets all across the globe. The painting on canvas is made on a plain canvas with natural colors. And the other type of painting that is cloth painting is done on cloth by Indian artist and the cloth used in the painting are mostly the cotton cloth.

The other type of Kalakari that we can see on the textile handicrafts item is Kadhai’s work. This work is usually done by the hands of Indian artists on the cloth and then these cloths are used to make garments. The mostly items on which you can see the kalamkari are sarees, dupattas, kurtas, bedsheets, and pillow covet, etc.

The other type of famous handicraft items are items made from wood. The Indian artist uses wood to make furniture with Indian kalamkari touch like they make and give shape to furniture that reflects the Indian ancient culture. Apart from this furniture the Indian artist also makes some small showpieces and toys using this wood. Like they small showpieces like wooden frames, flower vase and toys like a horse, cart, cars, camel, boat and many more things like these items that can be used for home and corporate spaces and toys for children.

The handicraft jewelry has also its craze at different levels. The handicraft jewelry is made with stones and the general jewelry making equipment. The diamonds in this jewelry are not placed by using any modern or automated machines while these are placed by using hand tools by Indian artists. Not only this the designs of the handcrafted jewelry also so beautiful and unique.

The mostly handicraft items are made without using any modern and automated machines. The main resources for creating these items are humans. The artist’s creativity is the main equipment and material of these handicraft items. The cost of these items is mainly the human cost and the material used for these are the basic raw material that can be easily found.

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