Enjoy the Best of Food and Drinks and Plenty More with Hippodrome

Have you ever been to a bar where you seemingly lost the count of time? Probably that is one feeling you have had quite a lot many times. But do you remember the best taste of a drink you had at one of those bars in London? Certainly not, to say the least. After all, those were all the regular drinks, served just the way you have always been served. That is just not going to happen when you visit Heliot Cocktail bar. Located within Hippodrome, this place boasts of an incredibly vast range of drinks that will leave you spoilt for choice.

And that is just the beginning. As one of the best bars in London Heliot Cocktail bar is quite popular for its just as striking range of unique drinks. Try out one of those yourself to know when I mean here. There are plenty of other bars as well around Hippodrome, but this is usually going to be the one that will capture your imagination. Many consider it an ideal space for conducting meetings or catching hold of that ever-necessary lunch. The food served here is going to satiate your taste buds just like everything else you experience at Heliot Cocktail bar. Located on the first floor, the ambiance of this bar is quite soothing by all means.

Other attractions around

You have got to try out the mouth-watering cuisines served across the many restaurants that are based right within Hippodrome. Heliot Steak House is quite popular around here for its range of cuisines and a beautiful view of the entire city. The restaurant also overlooks the main casino floor, which is another plus. And speaking of casino, you have got to try out one of those yourself. By the time your game ends, you will be left asking for more!

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