Complete Comparison Between Vivo Y53 vs Vivo Y69

If you are not a technology geek, then it gets challenging for you to compare between devices, while you’re looking to buy a smartphone. One can go on the internet and read through the reviews. But sometimes the information provided can be a bit complex than what you think.

That is why we have created this short post for the lovers of Vivo smartphones. Here you will be able to read through a complete comparison of Vivo Y53 and Vivo Y69.

Let’s highlight all the features and specifications, so that, you know which one makes for a better choice.

  1. Screen

Vivo Y53

For people who love to watch videos or play games on their smartphones, screen size plays great importance. In Vivo Y53, you get a 5.0 inches screen, whereas, the same for Vivo Y69 is 5.5 inches. It means if you want a bigger phone, the Vivo Y69 is apt.

  1. Inbuilt storage

Another critical component which differentiates between two smartphones is the inbuilt storage. When it comes to Vivo Y53, you get 16GB internal storage. On the other hand, for Vivo Y69, space is as high as 32GB. Both smartphones give you an opportunity to expand storage capacity with a microSD card.

  1. Camera

We all love to take pictures and selfies these days. For this, you need a camera which performs well even under low light and has excellent megapixels. In Vivo Y53, you get the 8MP camera while Vivo Y69 gives you a 13MP in its specification. So if you want a smartphone which provides you with excellent picture quality, then you should consider buying Vivo Y69.

  1. Battery

People who work throughout the day and are usually not at home much understand the importance of long battery life. Vivo Y53 has a substantial amount of battery capacity at 2500mAh. While on the other side, Vivo Y69 gives you a great battery backup at 3000mAh. In other words, Vivo Y69 is made for those who want long battery life and talk time.

  1. RAM

Multitasking on your smartphone has become a reality these days. The only way it is possible to multitask smoothly is with the help of an extended RAM. In Vivo Y53, the RAM size is 2GB whereas the same for Vivo Y69 is 3GB. So if you are a multi-tasker, then you know which phone will suit your requirements better.

  1. Operating System

Vivo Y69

The speed of the phone can be gauged with the help of its Operating System. Although Android phones are the most popular, they still have many variations under its category. When it comes to the operating system of Vivo Y53, you get an Android v6.0 Marshmallow. But the same for Vivo Y69 is Android 7.0 Nougat.

  1. Processor

The chipset in Vivo Y53 is Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 whereas the chipset for Vivo Y69 is MediaTek MT6750. The speed of the processes for both the phones also differs. Vivo Y53 runs on Quad-Core 1.4GHz while Vivo Y69 runs on Octa-Core 1.5GHz.

Both the smartphones have been strategically priced under Rs.12,000 to make it affordable for Indian users. However, having to pay the entire amount at once can be a little difficult for buyers with a fixed income.

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