Comparison between aluminum washer and automotive washers


Washer holds an essential place in the manufacturing sector, as manufacturing industries use them for various purposes such as to distribute a load of a fastener, for creating space between the head of a fastener and the secured object, and to decrease the vibrations to hold the fastener in place. 

Have you ever noticed or curious to know why the outer diameter of the washers is twice the width of the inner diameter? This is to prevent the loss of pre-load due to Brinelling after the torque is applied. Along with facilitating the automotive applications, there are types of washers that assist in cleaning grime from high output machines like turbine gearboxes, stamping press, railroad equipment, and others. It is amazing how these small pieces of hardware perform such big functions. This is the reason why the washers are experiencing increasing demand in the industrial sector.

Washers are meeting the needs of small to large scale applications in almost all kinds of manufacturing industries. Without them, it would be really difficult to hold the fasteners in place and to ensure the effective functioning of numerous equipment and machines. They act as a backbone to facilitate the uninterrupted and effective processing of various industrial applications. 

As now we know how much importance a washer holds in the manufacturing industry, so let us discuss the comparison between the two main types of washers –

Aluminum washers and Automotive washers:


  • Material: Aluminum washers, as the name suggests, are made from high-grade quality aluminum and provide excellent resistance to corrosion and physical impact. On the other hand, Automotive washers are generally made from stainless steel and are known for their ability to resist shock and high vibrations.


  • Uses: As the applications of aluminum washers are increasing, there also has been a rise in the aluminium washer manufacturer in the market. The washers are mainly used in industries like aerospace, steel mills, electric motor, and military & defense. While on the other hand, automotive washers are mainly used in automotive industries.


  • Benefit: Aluminum washers are light in weight, and therefore, they are ideal for applications where weight and strength are crucial. In fact, aluminum weighs, on average, three times less than any other comparable metal (without compromising strength in the process). In contrast, automotive washers are generally used in vehicles and help in cleaning of machined parts, cold headed, stampings, and deep drawn parts to maintain the energy efficiency and functionality of the vehicles. Owing to this reason, there is an immense increase in the Automotive Washers exporter in India.


  • Durability: Aluminum washers are strong hardware having considerable endurance and corrosion-resistance owing to which, they are usually preferred for wooden structures and are installed under the nut and bolt heads to prevent damages to the surface for a long time duration. On the other hand, automotive washers are durable as well as powerful and are capable of providing effective cleaning on a regular basis.


  • Sizes: The aluminum and automotive washers not only varies on the basis of their functionality but also on the sizes they come in. Both washers come in a variety of sizes to meet the requirements of applications in the particular industries they are used in.


Both aluminum and automotive washers play an important role in ensuring the fault-free functioning of various machines. They make work easy, are cost-effective, and readily available. The washers are one of the finest technologies that have made many industrial processes effortless and productive. They do not rust and wear & tear easily, even after functioning under high temperature and pressure conditions. The washers are like a gem to the industrial sector that they never want to lose.

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