How to fix Brother Printer error 48 Unable to print

Brother Printer Unable to print error forty-eight shows up once the print head cable is blemished. Brother Printer Support 1-844-305-6556   could be a feed variety to assist you repair printer faults. you would like to wash out the printer rigorously to repair Brother Printer Error forty-eight. This error code normally seems once your encoder strip gets untidy. you’ll confront a variety of printing blunders if the error isn’t mounted on time. you’ll bump into alternative error messages associated with this error code. owing to this error, you’ll get the subsequent error messages as well:

Brother Printer Unable to Print 48

Unable to Scan

Brother Printer Unable to wash and lots of a lot of printer practicality problems.

Most of the Brother Printers displays this error. despite what shapes or ranges printer you’re mistreatment, this error might hassle you. The mentioned resolution also will assist you to repair Brother dcp-j100 error forty-eight.

Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot Machine error forty-eight or init unable forty-eight on Brother Printers

This is one among the foremost common error codes that you simply face on Brother Printer. however is that this error worrisome you from the core? Follow the down mentioned steps to induce the roots of the error. Or create the reference to Brother Printer client Care variety for careful results.

Solution 1: The hunt for a Brother Printer Paper Jam or Paper Scraps

  • First, you would like to disconnect your BrotherMFCc j430w Printer.
  • Next, open up the scanner cowl followed by wanting within the machine.
  • Now hunt for a paper jam or piece of rubbish within the printer.
  • Make sure the paper isn’t interference the print head. Move the printer to left or right to visualize fora piece of rubbish.
  • If the print head is already within the left aspect, move it to the middle. And currently, hunt for foreign objects within there. After that, shut the scanner cowl and place the facility outlet back on the machine. Clear the encoder strip, if the error continues.
  • If the Print head is on the proper aspect, place the facility twine back on the printer.
  • When the alphanumeric display shows the “Cover is Open”, press and hold the Exit button a minimum of for five seconds.
  • As the print head moves back to the middle, disconnect the facility cable.
  • Remove any foreign objects affected within the printer.
  • Close the Scanner cowl and surrogate the facility cables back to a wall outlet.
  • If the error continues, clean the encoder strip.
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Solution 2: cleanup of the Encoder Strip

  • Remove all the facility cables from the printer further as from the wall outlet.
  • Lift up the Scanner cowl and appearance for the Encoder Strip.
  • Use a dry lint material to wash out the each side of the Encoder Strip
  • Clean it totally from left to right and repeat the method for two to three times.
  • As you’re a finished cleanup of the Encoder Strip, shut the Scanner cowl.
  • Connect all the facility cables back on the machine and check for the error.


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