Why does it look like it’s going to be a Year for Bio-pics in 2019

Bollywood news is buzzing ever since Deepika and Ranveer tied knots.

Earlier it was all about when will their wedding be, what will be the wedding destination, what will they wear. Then, it was all about their wedding pictures and honeymoon trip pictures.

Thankfully, the fever of Ranveer and Deepika’s marriage is slowly coming down. And there are other things that bollywood is talking about.

Deepika to play Ranveer’s wife?

Oh yeah, if you don’t know yet, it is rumoured that Deepika might be playing the role of Ranveer’s wife in his upcoming biopic. The biopic is based on the life of veteran cricketer Kapil Dev. Currently, there is no such official statement made by the makers of the movie but it’s most likely that they would soon be fixing a meeting with Deepika to offer her this role.

The idea behind the biopic is worked on by Kabir Khan and is currently titled as ‘83’.

Which other bio-pics are going to hit theatres this year?

If you thought that Kapil dev’s biography is the only one in pipeline of biographies this year, you are wrong. According to bollywood celebrities news, a lot of actors and actresses are working hard on biopics that will get released this year.

Apart from the movie, ‘the Accidental Prime Minister’ which is already gaining a lot of popularity ever since its trailer was released, there are many other political movies which will hit the theatres this year.

The biopic of Narendra Modi

To begin with, there is a movie which will be based on the life of PM Modi. The role will be played by Vivek Oberoi who seems to be making a comeback in Bollywood after a long gap. If we go by the rumours of bollywood news today, the movie will release the posters of this film in 23 languages.

Well, as of now there hasn’t been any kind of poster released yet. Maybe it is scheduled to happen in the later part of the day. Let’s hope it does justice to the character of Pm Modi.

The biopic of Thackeray

As I said earlier, it’s going to be all about biopics in 2019. Yet another biopic, which I am personally excited about is Thackeray. There are two reasons behind it by the way. Firstly, this movie is about a politicians who has always been deemed as a don rather than a regular politician.

Secondly, this movie stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who has already proved that when it comes to acting, there are a very few actors who can join his league. And as Nawaz is my personal favourite, I cannot wait for this biopic to hit the PVR’s.

Saina Nehwal’s biopic

On the other hand, actress Shraddha Kapoor is all set to play Saina Nehwal in her biopic. However, bollywood news confirmed that the budget for this movie is being cut down. God knows what might be the reason behind it but rumours say that this was done because of the unviability of the actress.

Earlier, it was because of the various projects she had commitments towards and then it was because of her illness that pushed the shooting away.

Now that she has regained her health and recovered from dengue, the work would soon resume.

In Conclusion:

Apart from the movies that I mentioned, there are other movies as well. Apparently, the king of romance SRK is also coming with a biopic as well. And it is going to be based on the life of astronaut Rakesh Sharma and his magical journey to space.

I am really excited about the number of bi-pics that will be released this year, because frankly I would always choose a biopic over a clichéd romantic bollywood movie.

What about you?

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