Beware the Lottery Scams & Fraud: Buy Lottery with Trusted Site

The lottery fever has many in its grip all over the world. While it encourages people to realize international lottery as the best way to earn money within a short duration, it has also resulted in increasing instances of frauds and scams. As people wait eagerly for the results of big lottery games including Mega Millions, Euro Millions or the Power Ball every week, they often fall prey to devious prize schemes that promise to make them rich in lieu of a small fee. In the past few years, scams to the tune of $ 117 million have affected more than half a million Americans and Canadian citizens.

Fraud lottery scams rampant to cheat people:

While people from all over the world log on to online platforms to play international lotteries, it is important to be careful about the credibility of the site selling the lottery tickets. Most of these sites are created only to defraud unsuspecting victims of their hard-earned money. They target senior citizens or ordinary people reeling under the burden of debt and eagerly fall prey to quick schemes of earning big amounts of money in a short period. Paying attention and practicing cautiousness is important when it comes to protecting one’s hard-earned income.

Companies involved in such dubious activities use every possible means to scam people. These may include making cold calls, sending direct emails or messages, advertising on social media sites or victimizing people through frequent smartphone pop-up messages.

How safe is it to buy lottery tickets online?

There are not too many rules regulating fraudulent websites or impede their working. While not all online sites may be engaged to dupe people of their money, it is important to check for their legitimacy before buying lottery tickets through them. This can be done by learning information about their security and trust logs and SSL certificates.

Indians inclined to play international lotteries are often apprehensive of logging on to online platforms owing to the trust factor. However, the decision of Lottoland Asia to open its website in India soon may ensure Indian lottery aficionados to participate in international lottery games. This is because Lottoland Asia enjoys the reputation of offering online platforms for international lotteries through which Indians can buy lottery tickets of major international lotteries including Mega Millions, Euro Millions and Power Ball among others.

Tips to avoid getting defrauded in a lottery scam:

Caution is the key to ensuring security in the long run, which means that it does not take much to stay protected if one keeps certain necessary tips in mind. These include:

  • Never pay the fees before claiming your prize;

  • You cannot win money from the contest you had not applied to;

  • Confirm the validity of the lottery company you had won from;

  • Opt to buy tickets only from state-run lotteries. Running foreign lotteries is deemed illegal in the US;

  • Check for the reliability and trustworthiness of the company before proceeding to submit your information. Check for customer feedback on various grievance redressal sites;

  • Verify the authenticity of the call informing you about your winning amount.

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