Best Tips to Consider When Planning a Destination Wedding

Indian marriages are still an extravagant event, and this feature has found its way into destination weddings — a favorite choice among today’s couples.

Offers an idyllic wedding at an exotic place demands planning about the logistics and prepping for the ceremony as well. Not only does this require meticulous planning but also substantial investment to match its own grandeur.

The wedding industry in India – A brief overview

Rs. 40 Billion — Market capitalisation of the Indian wedding industry.
9.6% — year-on-year increase in spending on Indian weddings.
This steady increase in planning weddings in exotic locations has also led to the rise of financial advances offered by the nation’s major financial institutions.

A potential borrower can avail a Loan against Property from lenders at competitive interest rates and flexible repayment tenors. Besides, it can bring you a hefty amount of up to Rs. 3.5 Crore which is enough to bear costs for your destination wedding.

Furthermore, existing borrowers can also take advantage of the pre-approved offers. It is possible to check your pre-approved offer by sharing just a few necessary details like your name and contact number.

Now, with a Significant budget at your disposal, you can follow these 9 tips to plan your dream wedding —

[1] Book your wedding venue well in advance

Considering it’s a destination wedding, booking your wedding place at the location of your choice in advance (6-9 months) is vital. It will not only allow you to finalise your wedding events but also enables you to mend a budget.

[2] Fix a budget

This demonstrates valuable if you are considering borrowing a wedding loan. In the event you are deciding to borrow a hefty amount, then you must know everything about taking a loan to your wedding. It will supply you with a transparent idea of the amount to borrow and help you minimise the chances of last-minute cost-cutting.

[3] Plan on the wedding invite

Hence, take the effort or hire a wedding planner to make sure they are minutely designed and comprise all the information your guests require.

[4] Work on the menu

A growing trend in popular destination weddings would be to offer a delectable spread of the local cuisine where the wedding is happening. But you can pick any cuisine of your choice and hire the best catering services to your invitees.

As your budget permits, you may select between a lavish buffet spread with granite counters or a sit-in dinner option.

[5] Avail a top-notch bridal make-up package

You are able to choose between the best 7 bridal makeup bundles in India and settle on one that best suits you. Plus, so far as the cost of bridal makeup packages goes, it could range between Rs. 2-4 Lakh to 45-50 Lakh or more.

[6] Finalise on accommodation

Since you’re expecting guests from out of the city, make the necessary arrangements well in advance. This can allow you to get better deals on resorts. Additionally, reserve the accommodation near your wedding venue so that it is suitable for your guests.

[7] Plan the outfits

Selecting the most suitable wedding gown is essential. Nevertheless, it takes an ample quantity of time and investment to discover the perfect fitting, layout and fitting accessories. Jewellery additionally plays a very important part in Indian weddings. One can pick from traditional gold ornaments to more expensive segment like platinum jewelry.

Should you believe you’re tight on budget and want to cut back on the destination wedding expenses, plan a destination wedding beneath Rs. 20 Lakh readily with almost as much aplomb.

[8] Hire the best photographers and videographers

As wedding photographs are your lifetime memories, hire the best photographers ahead instead of leaving this to the last minute. You can also consider booking videographers to get a cinematic wedding photo-shoot. Some of the greatest videographers can bring out the aesthetics and make your precious moments memorable.

[9] Contact the registrar’s office

Frequently the very neglected part of a marriage, but it’s compulsory to register your marriage with your spouse. Especially when your wedding is happening at a remote location, you must notify the registrar’s office in advance to prevent last-minute hassles.

Planning a Indian wedding could be overwhelming, but not if one follows certain essential tips. With these wedding suggestions and destination wedding prices at your disposal, you can create your auspicious day a grand victory.

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