Best Bottle Coolers to Buy In 2019


Bottle Coolers

So if you are looking to buy the best bottle cooler for your pub, club or house. Then you should have enough knowledge about the types of coolers that are available in the market. Actually, all these coolers use to have different features and functions so it will be better if you analyze your needs first and then decide which bottle cooler you actually want to buy. After analyzing your need now you have to decide about the cooling zone that you want to buy here we are discussing it in detail:

  • Wine bottle coolers or refrigerators that use to have a single cooling area and only have one temperature control present in the unit known as single zone cooling.
  • Another type of cooling zone that you can buy consist of two separate cooling areas along with two separate temperature control system. Basically, these coolers meant for people who want to store different varieties of bottles.
  • Next type of bottle coolers is the built-in wine coolers that you can actually integrate anywhere in your kitchen. And will provide you perfect cooling space for storing bottles. They use to have amazing design that will enhance your kitchen décor.

1. Single Zone Wine Coolers:

Actually, this type of bottle coolers is best for starters and people who would like to store only one variety of drinks. Actually, these coolers are best for startups due to less amount of investment that it requires.

  • Westinghouse 8-Bottle Cooler:

Actually, people who are thinking to invest in single zone bottle cooler should opt to buy Westinghouse’s 8-bottle wine cooler. It actually consists of an ultra-quiet cooling system that will help you to store your wine chilled without any type of noise. It consist of temperature control that can help you to set a temperature range starting from 46 degrees to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Dual Zone Wine Bottle Coolers:

Next if you are planning to do pub or club business where you have to serve a variety of drinks, then you should prefer to buy Dual zone double door bottle cooler.  It will allow you to store different drinks in two different sections where you can maintain separate temperature.

  • Haier 12 Bottle Cooler:

So if you are thinking to purchase dual zone wine bottle coolers then you should prefer to opt for the Haier 12 bottle dual zone cooler. It is available at very affordable rates that will have so many different qualities. Other than that it will give you perfect temperature control in its both sections where you can store different drinks to keep it chilled.

3. Built-In Wine Coolers:

Lastly, if you are looking to buy a best looking bottle cooler for your house or personal use then you should prefer to opt for the built in wine bottle coolers.

  • Edgestar 18-Bottle Cooler:

People who are looking to buy a bottled cooler for their house should prefer to get the slim EdgeStar wine bottle cooler. Actually, it will be the perfect option for you that will allow you to store three bottles per shelf, and in total you can store up to 18 bottles at a time. it is available in slim size that you can easily slide beneath your countertop.


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