Basic Requirements You Need to Keep in Mind for a Canada PR

Requirements for canada pr

These are basic requirements you need to keep in mind for a Canada PR:

  • Age- The younger you are, the easier it is for you to get the PR. However, if you are going through the organisation you work for, the process will be easier for you as well. This essentially shows that the country is very welcoming of students from all around the world. 
  • Kind of Education You Have- It will also work in your favour if you are better educated. So, if you have a Master’s degree or even a PhD, it will definitely add to your chances of getting PR. 
  • Language Skills- There are two official languages of Canada- that is, English and French. So, you absolutely have to show through a proper certification that you have good proficiency in either. The scores of these tests are what will determine the kind of points you will get on your visa application. 
  • Language Proficiency Tests- You have to show certain certifications to show your language proficiency in your visa applications. You will get extra points if you can show language proficiency tests in French but it is not something that will be held against you. However, English proficiency tests are important for the application. 
  • Adaptability- If you have certain relational connections in Canada, it will work in your favour too. If you have a minimum of 1 year of work experience in managerial, technical, professional or skilled areas, you will have the most advantage. However, some other factors taken into account are the language proficiency of your spouse, your past education in Canada (if any), past education of your partner in Canada (in any) or even any relatives on Canada. Different points are given for all these categories. 

While these are not exhaustive categories and the visa application points are a lot more detailed than this. This was just a brief to the kind of categories that will be taken into account while you are applying for a PR there. However, this is in no way will give a comprehensive picture of each and every detail you need to keep in mind for this process. For that, you absolutely have to refer to the best immigration consultant in Delhi for Canada

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What Happens When You Begin Your Visa Application?

This part includes you preparing al the documents in the proper manner that they need to be in. This process will also give you an idea if you are eligible for a visa there. You need to be careful while you filling the visa application. You will then also be in contact with the immigration office of Canada. This is mainly just you accumulating all the right documents like your work experience, language proficiency certificates, medical records and police verifications whenever required. 

Most importantly, for a smooth transition at this step, make sure that you have all the proper documents in place. Therefore, you need to get the visa application and just go through it. It will tell you exactly what you need. There may be certain documents that may need attestation or there may be specifications on where you need to attest on the passport size photos of your application. Therefore, spend enough time on your application that it does not show up problems on some very basic issues. While it is possible, try to do your best before you even take back it to your best immigration consultant for Canada


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