Auto Insurance In Amarillo

Auto Insurance in Amarillo Texas

West Texas Insurance Agency provides auto insurance services to individuals and businesses in Texas. We’re an independent insurance agency in partnership with several insurance carriers. We can handle all your auto insurance needs. Our insurance markets preference provides affordable auto coverage for all types of vehicles ‐ If you’ve been frustrated with your current coverage rates and services, call us to help you find the right solution for your auto coverage.

Auto Coverage Requirements

Before buying a car insurance policy in Amarillo, TX, let us assist you with the application process of collecting vital information about your license status and other key factors required by coverage providers. Insurance companies assess risk from every application received. Some of the underwriting factors insurers look at includes:

  • Driving Record
  • Residential address
  • Age/ Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Insurance Coverage History
  • Use of vehicle
  • Type of car

State Requirements for Auto Insurance Policies

The state of Texas requires all eligible drivers to purchase the minimum car insurance. It should include:

Bodily injury liability protects you against other people’s claims when an accident occurs, and you are at fault. It protects you from claims such as lost wages, medical expenses, and pain suffered.

Property damage coverage pays for accidental damages caused on others’ property after an accident occurs. It could be a broken window, dented fender, or damaged property. The insurance compensates for damages caused by you or any family member that drove with your consent.

Personal Injury Protection is a basic no-fault insurance policy. It pays for losses caused by injuries to any passenger in your car. A minimum benefit is paid out for injuries regardless of fault.

West Texas Insurance Agency, in Amarillo, TX, is dedicated to serving all our clients in the Amarillo community. We have been providing insurance services to our clients in Texas for the last thirty years, and we are confident to offer you affordable auto coverage. Call our agency office to speak to our customer care reps that will help you choose the best car insurance coverage.


Owning a motorcycle offers independence Texans love while cruising on the highway. It is, however, important to take up insurance for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle insurance covers injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident. It also insures your bike against possible loss, or theft and damage resulting from an accident. Having a motorcycle insurance policy offers you inner peace, knowing that you are financially prepared for potential hazards.

Below are some of the motorcycle insurance policies offered at West Texas Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX.

Collision coverage

A motorcycle collision coverage plan will help pay for the repairs in the event your bike is involved in a traffic accident. The policy can be especially useful for individuals who own a motorbike that is worth more than it would take for a repair.

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance is an all-rounded package. Unlike the collision policy which only takes care of the damages due to a collision, a comprehensive policy covers losses due to vandalism, theft, weather conditions, and natural disasters such as fire, floods, and hail storms.

Basic liability coverage

Typically, the Texas government requires you have minimum liability coverage. Unlike the latter, the basic liability policy for a motorcycle covers both property damage and bodily injury.

The body injury policy facilitates payment of damage that you inflict to another person if you are the fault in an accident. On the other hand, property damage caters for the destruction of property if you’re the fault in the accident.

Summer is here; ride safely in the warm and sunny Texas weather by getting yourself a motorcycle insurance policy today. We have an experienced team of agents at West Texas Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX that are ready to advise you on the coverage that is best for you. Feel free to contact us or visit us today for more information.

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