Apple Macbook Pro 2016: Whats new

I don’t have any better definition of Apple than

“Apple products are actually dumb friendly, they release products after immense testing and making them totally dumb proof.”

You may be feeling offended by now but for Apple users the explanation “Because I can afford it” is enough, everytime.


Basically, whenever we look at new release of anything, you are hyped up for something new and that same case was with Apple Macbook 2016 Pro, I really wanted to see something awesome. Some innovation that would bring my eyelids out and make me want to scream out Apple Loudly and pre-book it;

but unfortunately, people like me are always searching on Tech and we know most of the major developments. What Apple does with its products is that they take really old technology and just revamp it and present it like its a new thing. You saw the Apple iPhone 7, there were like massive record breaking pre-bookings but even my old Nokia 6600 felt smarter than the dumb invention.


Now in the Apple’s Macbook 2016 Pro, they have introduced that new Touch ID that is revolutionary and those touch based volume buttons that glow in dark OMG. All these features were introduced back in 2009, they just revamped it and market it so good that you don’t even search the features and their details, a second time.


What i absolutely hate about the Apple is that they are slow, not in terms of processing speed or their delivery time but slow in sense that they release the new technology very slowly and if you search it well enough, they just revamp the technology and just showcase it like their own. For example the force touch feature of Apple iphone was already released by Huawei Mate S and still it works better on Mate S.

The truth behind Apple is that the company puts quite effort to simplify the hectic procedure and the rewards are well deserved in the end. This Apple MacBook 2016 Pro comes with great features but they are just not that new. However the new thunderbolt USB port might be faster alternative but the cost of keeping Apple Thunderbolt would be much more higher than the features but Apple does what it does, they have already deprived people out of 3.5mm jack, now its time to say good bye to USB. Maybe its what next world order means.

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