Analytics Jobs in India: Types and Skills Requirement

Analytics Jobs in India: Types and Skills Requirement

With the increased use of modern technologies across various industrial sectors, the call for analytics jobs in India has gained momentum. A career in analytics is considered as one of the most desirable professions in the country today. Organizations are constantly in need of highly skilled analytics professionals.

Why there is the need for analytics professionals in India?

In common language, analytics is defined as the process performed on data that has been delivered by Business Intelligence with the objective of producing insights to make decisions, carry out actions and, at the end impact the revenue or other aspects.

The use of advanced technologies has been very high in various industries in India. Accordingly, there is more use of analytics to promote a workable insight from the huge amount of data that is gathered. This has led to a growing demand for skilled analytics professionals in India. The number of vacancies in analytics Jobs, especially in Data Analytics, is growing and is expected to grow more in the future.

What type of analytics jobs is available for you?

Once a person starts developing an interest in analytics, the next big question is, which analytics job should be taken up or is suitable for him or her. If you search for analytics jobs on the Net or any job portal, usually, the most common keywords used are Analytics, Analyst, Data Scientist or Data Analyst. At times, candidates make the mistake of applying to jobs, where the job title includes “Analyst” but in reality that is not an analytics job. For example, candidates should not confuse a “Business Process Analyst” job as analytics jobs. So what type of jobs are analytics jobs?

Analytics Jobs in India

Types of analytics jobs

If you research carefully, analytics jobs are broadly divided into three categories:

  • Data Analyst: Data analyst jobs involve collecting, processing and performing statistical analyses of data. The professional should have clear knowledge in analyzing complex business & data requirements.

  • Business Analytics Professional: Business analytics is defined as the statistical study of business data. Here, the professional is responsible for applying data analytics and business process knowledge to develop as well as provide timely, correct, relevant, and workable insights to support a business’ goal.

  • Predictive Analytics Professional: This is the advanced level of analytics jobs. The professional should have excellent knowledge of pattern recognition, predictive 

    • modeling and statistical analysis, and apply predictive analytics methodologies to get the perfect solution.

    Skill requirements in different analytics jobs

    Each category of analytics job requires different analytical skillsets.

    For instances:

    A business analytics professional needs the following skills:

    • Strong business analytics skills

    • Capability to access data through a GUI-based Business Intelligence tool

    • Analyzing data using basic tools like as MS Excel

    • Basic knowledge of basic statistics

    • Little knowledge of testing skills etc.

    On the other hand, as a data analyst, while you may not require strong business analytical skills or strong testing skills, but you definitely need advanced knowledge of Data Access Programming using SQL, Hive etc. You also need to have strong knowledge of Data Programming via BI tools and the use of statistical tools.

    A predictive analytics professional is on a higher skill set level. For analytics jobs, he or should have strong business analytics skills, strong testing skills, advanced stat skills. He should have knowledge of advanced statistical tools, including data access programming.

    Which analytics jobs are suitable for you?

    It’s your interests and skills that ultimately help you to choose your type of analytics jobs. A candidate with engineering background with skills in BI/Data, in data structuring and data engineering etc. are suitable for the job as a Data Analyst. A professional with MBA degree and experience as a project manager or product manager can apply for Business analyst jobs. Predictive analytics jobs are suitable for professionals with experience, skills or knowledge of operations research, statistics, algorithms or computer science.

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